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Ego training and its affects,  can effect your training.  This article is applicable to all, who are interested! This page will be more directly related to the topic of the Mental aspect that many beginners and intermediates experience early on in there training.

Unknowing as early athletes If you're not use to anaerobic style training, this can be very euphoric as you change the hormonal balance biologically in your body. So what is happening with ego training, and your body, feel free to read on and find out.

Age, body-type, genetics and gender will see and experience different obstacles in and out of your gym.

For males if you're young, are at a rich age to enter into weight training, your bodies are already in an incredible anabolic state, e.g., (your body is growing at a fast rate Hormonally).

Physically this is an ideal age to be at, hormone levels are almost off the charts biologically speaking; your bodies are flooded with testosterone which is the hormone that will enhance the male qualities such as body hair, bone and muscle growth etc.

So there will be some advantages here for you as opposed to someone who is much older. But...

With all things that are great, sometimes a small curse can follow in its place...

As I too have lived through this age myself and watched many other young males also go through this in and out of the gym, including my own kids.

This will vary because of the biological changes going on naturally; as you develop physically, the mental aspect of you will change also.This will show itself and be reflected sometimes by the unyielding and even misguided confidence of the Ego.

Ego training in the gym is mostly tempered by: Making a plan towards your goal and seeing it through will build one of the hardest things there is to attain as Beginnersand that's the discipline of being there, week in and week out to see your goals become your reality.

Early foundation training

ego training is simply: how we act, conduct or perceive ourselves through our ego. Most beginners and intermediates dont know, recognize or realize for that matter that this is going on as their training.  

Early foundation training is both physical and mental, this is no different from intermediate all the way to senior advanced level lifters. Ego training is something that as you get older you learn to understand and curb.

The ego of course is important to have on your side in the gym, if it wasn't for the ego, you probably wouldn't be there in the first place. Train according to your lifting level, in this case its probably at a beginner. Don/t focus on overdoing it, focus on form and the exercises.

Life has many distractions, don/t let ego training get in the way, stay focused on your goal.

If you can find a goal that inspires you and by the word inspire - I mean inspire you enough for you to dream about it, every day and make a plan of how you’re going to get to that goal, will do two things...

  1.  This will increase your chances of succeeding in your goal        exponentially
  2. Once you achieve this goal, you will now begin to see how much easier it is to conquer the next one; this builds confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline. 

Hormones And Ego Training

Understanding all aspects in any sport or fitness lifestyle, is important…

As a beginner, your body’s hormones; specifically testosterone, will present changes and challenges from the stimulation of weight training. 

Some males handle this well, but some don’t! Most of the guys that struggle with this the hardest, are the gung-ho types. If you have been in a gym, it will always have a few guys like this in it.

Some may swagger or holler when lifting so others look. Some spend a lot of time admiring themselves in the gym’s mirrors, or in front of friends or girlfriends.

This constant need for attention looks unpolished on any of us. The real polish and look of professionalism comes from time and experience, and exercised effort of controlling the ego in the gym.

Many of those that do this may or may not know that they are even doing it. What is happening is hormonal and normal, with regards to your body biologically.

The other things that do inflict this is the training itself and the incredible euphoric high that goes with the pump itself, as the blood and oxygen goes to the different muscles. This will show evidently in the mirror and can stroke and stimulate the ego - a lot.

Smith machine squats

Ego training can be manifested in some beginners by bragging, expressing your opinion, always being right, showing off, or the need for your efforts to be noticed.

Not to mention as this stimulation is occurring, endorphin's will be released from the brain and this will of course vary in everyone. This too can also vary from different body parts and intensity levels as to how intense this can feel…

So if someone is hinting, or out - and - out telling you that they’ve noticed you behaving this way and you are not noticing, or maybe you’re not getting asked out to as many parties anymore - this might be why.

Trust me, you are normal in this. These are new things and some are difficult to understand and can be a lot to get your head around at times for some.

As you develop and get a deeper understanding of weight training itself, you may see that a few of the things explained here, mentally - Do have a deeper and bigger meaning than you originally thought.


Ego Training and Finding Your Understanding Of It

Alternating dumbbell curls

The ego is natural in each of us and is no different than breathing air. 

Exercising self-control at the beginners weight training level, will always increase a deeper understanding your sense of self-discipline and self-esteem. How this is manifests itself as your experience increases, will reflect how you look and see yourself in the mirror everyday.

Most males, especially young males possess two sides to this aspect and relationship of our personalities. The first one is:

  1. generally the face that we wear in public is usually generated from our experiences as we live life and how we would like others to see us in everyday life.
  1. The second one has more to do with the ego and the deep psychological sense of who we are; this in some ways is the shadow of how we want everyone to see us.

Whether this is manifested as how we want others to see us as... super-human or maybe extremely smart are only examples. This need to be recognized and respected, is complicated and little understood.

This intensity of how each of us would like to see ourselves is generally a direct result from childhood upbringing of our experiences, whether these were good or bad: can affect this intensity greatly some males/females may use this to go on and achieve great things in their weight training and life…

While others will struggle and never really seem to find the path that suits them best.

Separating And Balancing Your Positive Mental Aspects

wide grip chins

Controlling and keeping the ego in check has more to do with how you honor yourself, If you find that you really struggle with this, try to separate these two if you can.

As mentioned earlier, our personalities and understanding of them can be complicated at best. From the outward face that we show every day to the deep psychological one that we feel each day....

These personalities, can really struggle and conflict in some males. If you find this happens, you are very normal in this. Sometimes these reactions can be caused, as I've mentioned; from a negative upbringing or lack of direction in it.

You're not alone, weight training is a tool like any other. Any discipline that you pick up that is not easy and takes a lot of mental and physical effort, generally winds doing at least one thing for everyone. It builds positiveness into your character, gives new self-esteem and a new direction.

This now brings a new, exciting and very positive influence into the direction of where you want to take your life and your weight training.

Understanding that you do have an ego and how to use it to your advantage, in your gym and separating the daily face that you show outwardly each day; from that of the deep psychological and imaginary face of the ego and learning to separate and balance them, is the essence of ego training.

The male ego


The ego is: the shadowy figure and second side to each male and is a manifest of thoughts and beliefs from life's experiences, that resides in the imagination of how we want to perceive ourselves.

Mentally making an effort to control ego training in the gym, and instead-use the egos positive energy and intensity to keep you consistently motivated positively, helps to keep overconfidence at bay.

Try to use just enough of the driving strength of your ego to push yourself in the gym is Paramount in beginners weight training, but try to leave the rest at the gym doors...

Trust me, it won’t be long before others will begin to notice how you train, not only will you be noticed, But... Also respected for it.

The ego is delicate I’ll admit; but... all of us started at the beginners weight training level at one time as mentioned.

Finding your strength in the delicacy of your ego can be achieved by: learning and accepting humility! It is okay to be wrong. Keep your mind and opinions open to new and maybe even exciting ideas, of different ways to do and accomplish things...

You may be very surprised as to what you might learn in and out of your gym.

Give yourself and others something to think about by truly helping others around you by eliminating ego training... instead show them the polish you possess no matter what level you are training at.

I encourage you to use the site, to help learn and build your knowledge and understanding, as it was built for you and I of course wish you all the best in you training. DWT


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