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Weight training is not subject to age or gender, I encourage all lifting levels to discover weight-training, to find and envision a Goal, increase your strength and knowledge and strive towards higher lifting levels, look past training plateaus, to achieve... your ultimate physique.

Over the last decade popularity in weight training has grown exponentially.

Pumping Iron has begun to receive more attention from the media and North American medical AssociationThis media attention and a strong realization from medical doctors, therapists and coaches...

Now strongly encourage weight-training in many rehabilitation programs, to enhance life, participation and strength in individual sports from amateur to professional, this has sparked new popularity in men and has increased dramatically in women.

As women discover this new popularity in weight resistance training, this is also a road of self-discovery; learning that weight lifting does not make you huge, like old media attention used to give it! 

   Beginners Weight Training

Don’t let the thought of a big gym, complicated looking equipment or heavy weights intimidate you. Everyone, started right where you are, at one time.

As a beginner using lighter weights and focusing on compound exercises, meaning: two or more muscles are assisting on each movement you’re performing.

As beginners, the nervous system needs to get used to the exercises, as you become more conditioned, you can begin to focus on...

  • How to plan, visualize and set goals in motion.
  • Handling the mental game of weight-training as a beginner

Training At Home

Creating your home gym

How serious you are and your advancement level in weightlifting can  be decided somewhat by training at home.

One of the biggest reasons for training at home  can be summed in one word: convenience. This convenience is great when you’re limited or pressed for time.

As a beginner you may not feel comfortable or confident going to a big commercial facility at first? So: training at home for many to start with, can be a viable and confident building option.

Purchasing a few good used pieces of equipment enables you to do a lot of exercises with little equipment at a low cost out-lay, if you’re creative.

I personally train at home, as time passed and my strength and lifting skill improved, I became inspired to design and build all of the equipment in my own home gym.

Training in a commercial facility or gym:

Training at home has some great things about it. But there are also some great things to say about large commercial facilities. There is a lot more motivational atmosphere including encouraging and inspirational people your training alongside.

Some of these people will have lots of experience that you can draw from for free. Also, many of the commercial facilities that you visit will have a vast array of different mechanical equipment that you can experiment with. This makes life nice, but you do have to pay for it.

If you’re an advanced intermediate or advanced level lifter and you feel you have out-grown your own home gym; then you may have. And it may be time for you to consider moving to a bigger or more professional commercial facility.

Training With Weights And Goal Setting

Once you have determined and made a goal, set it in your mind, by visualizing it! This galvanizes and makes it become your reality. Make a plan of how you want to achieve it, and reward yourself along the way and 'go for for it’!

Weight training builds better bodies

The plan you make towards the goal you want, is only impaired by the level of your commitment and creativity.

The greater the effort and harder you challenge yourself in the gym, the greater this connection becomes.

The most interesting thing about rewards and the benefits received from weight training are...

You don’t have to take a single drug to experience this. This place resides in each and every one of us; it’s just waiting to be discovered.

Rewards And Weight Training

The benefits of weight training and its rewards are almost endless:

Most people I’ve met over the years, always enjoy rewards, small or big; they just seem to help the quality of life. It spurs us on and makes us want to try harder, forcing us to focus on becoming better.

The reward of making this connection from two different worlds within each of us will vary: this connection from the spiritual side, to that of the physical can become very electric, as you progress.

Cardio vs weight training

Cardio or Weight Training?

Understanding the difference:

These are two very different fitness tools, understanding what each one is responsible for and the importance of them is crucial in any fitness lifestyle.

The debate on cardio vs weight training the Pros and Cons has raged on for more years than I care to remember. opinions vary from different people’s experiences to that of different laboratory tests performed. 

Cardio exercise directly stimulates the heart, lungs and pulmonary system. Weightlifting on the other hand conditions and stimulates the muscles, tendons and central nervous system to become more efficient.

Building a better body needs some cardio work along with a solid strength training program, that should also incorporate a healthy, diet

Fact: 60 to 70% of your weight and strength training results will come from proper nutrition and supplementation... proving, that ‘Diet’ is key!

A great five step eating plan to training and weight loss is about getting lean to stay lean, outlined are different steps and strategies that do work if you stay consistent and apply them.

Assuming your lifting correctly and challenging yourself, new physique development, muscle-shape, definition and overall weight loss, will begin to show positive results quickly.

Advancing In Weight Training

The five steps to success

Advancing and plateaus:

Life and nature prefers things in cycles: so what does weight training have to do with cycles?

Your body will have times when it advances and times when it does not, including days and weeks when it is weak, and others when it is strong.

As you advance from beginner to intermediate, you will run into strength and physique obstacles in your training, these are commonly experienced as plateaus.

These are normal even heathly, a plateau is a natural occurring cycle beginning at the intermediate level, plateaus should not be viewed negatively, but positively.

To identify if you have reached a training plateau or not, learn 'eight' different strategies that you can implement in your training to overcome these barriers as you arrive at them.

Advancing from beginner to intermediate... Are You Ready - find answers to these questions to help you decide, if your ready for the next - level or not?

The raw truth on over training:

At an advanced level, you will more than likely begin to hear the word ‘over training’, media attention, magazines and gym gossip have given this word more than its fair share of bad press.

Assess overtraininglearn to avoid entering this overtrained state by recognizing the seven different signs of this syndrome. know your limit and train within it!

Advancement and growth is achieved through learning to handle bigger challenges and greater intensity levels. Proper lifting form, while improving your strength, stamina and coordination is where the 'training' comes in  (weight training)!

     Making Your Weight Training A Reality

Dead lifting truck tires

At the end of the day, the ultimate sense of satisfaction seems to always come from seeing results; the harder we work, the greater these results multiply, building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Altering your body's muscularity, definition, strength and seeing continued growth, I won’t kid you: comes with it's share of obstacles. The only way you can arrive at your goal is to work and train around these obstacles as they come up each day and week.

You can't fail, if you don't quit.

If you don't give up, the dream of achieving your goal will become your new reality! 

“winners never quit”, set a positive goal and don’t let life’s obstacles get in your way.      

Weight training and the rewards you receive from it are no different than anything else. Effort is always key in the reality of your intention, ultimately deciding what you see in the mirror, at the days end.

By using your imagination to visualize your goal, is what bodybuilders, weightlifters and strength training athletes use to achieve their dreams. Find what motivates you and use weight training to achieve it! DWT

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