What is Natural BodyBuilding?

What is Natural Bodybuilding?

So, what is natural bodybuilding? what is it to be natural anyway? This is a subject that gets debated a lot, even heatedly in some circles. It gets confusing at times even misleading in some articles…

It doesn’t matter how nice, or how well written an article is on the subject, a full commitment to natural bodybuilding stands on its own - as a testament (seeked by few), that will often differ in each athlete… as a self-discipline to achieve a stronger: inward and outward you.

Dynamic weight training is going to uncover what is natural bodybuilding. This article will focus on the training realties outside of the competitive stage.


Hard Work and Mediocre Gainz The Difference 

Mediocre effort, even enthusiastic effort is not always enough to get you to your goal in natural bodybuilding.  

Hard work

There are some, but 'not lot's of jobs out there', that you'll ever work at as hard as you will in the gym - if you want results. Training natural should be closely scrutinized, there needs to be order and purpose to training direction.

A serious look at weaker body parts and strength curves, should be decided on early.

To correct these and improve on your training success new training strategies as well as changing training cycles regularly, should become the new norm.

10 guys will have 10 different opinions on what ranks as hard ‘Hard Work’, heaving and sweating is not necessarily a prerequisite to sculpting a head turning physic.

Each muscle needs specific attention, Especially – the weaker ones! Divided attention of looking in the mirror or a cell phone won’t bring out upper pec thickness, or the outer sweep of the triceps.

Hard work is:

  • Prioritize, focus on weak body parts first, (bring all body parts up evenly) 
  • Chose exercises you least like, (correct weakness in your strength curve)
  • Choose the right resistance, (challenge yourself)
  • Treat each Rep like it’s a Set, stay focused (exercise control not speed)
  • Work all areas from a variety of angels and intensities
  • Add strategies to the exercises to increase their intensity
  • Don’t put the weight down till your done, (imagine someone's watching)
  • Try to leave the gym knowing… you gave it your all (without distractions)

The end of the training day and the following ones will often let you no whether your intensity and concentration were intentional or not!

So… What is Natural Bodybuilding?

Natural bodybuilding is a choice outside of pharmaceuticals! Often the list related to Anabolic Steroids can be large and complicated. Steroids for the most part are created in a laboratory.

The same chemical structure is reproduced to a similar degree to mimic the hormone (Testosterone), produced in the male testes.

Natural Bodybuilding
    These examples show some of the synthetic forms produced to give the athlete a definite advantage over (men or women), who train in a natural fashion.
  • Testosterone - Androderm) (Axiron, Androgel, Testopel, Fortesta, Striant, Delatestryl, Testim, Delatestry)
  • Stanzolol AKA (Winstrol)
  • Androstenedione
  • Nandrolone AKA (Deca-Durabolin)
  • Methandrosteolone AKA (Dianabol)
  • (HGH)-(synthetic), is a polypeptide protein consisting of many amino acids, that can/will increase strength and muscle growth. (also often released in small quantities naturally at night as we sleep).

In this example of (natural): it would refer to someone who trains without the aid of synthetically produced anabolic steroids beyond what the body Naturally produces on its own.

It’s no accident that drugs work, because anytime you increase testosterone levels, strength, muscle size, endurance and recuperation times all become enhanced.  

So, what does this mean for the natural bodybuilder, well… it means: that you’ll more than likely have to train harder, longer, smarter, experiment and educate yourself on training form and exercise strategies.

More than the bodybuilder that’s pharmaceutically enhanced, to see realistic results and goals become achieved!

So… What is natural bodybuilding? It’s you; if your training hard, and not using any of the things mentioned above!

You and You alone, have yourself to thank for your hard work and dedicated-discipline while challenging your efforts… without skewing or altering training results to prove to yourself - you’re the best natural bodybuilder you can be!  

Fear of feeling small

Have you ever noticed: smaller guys are louder and often speak their minds to be noticed; just as some women that are large have a tendency to be quieter so as not to be noticed?

feeling small

Fear or a lack in confidence, can be crippling if we let it! But we can also rise above it - even let it become a step to inspire and change our outlook on life.

As fear is real, the possibility of doing something about it, is too; so what is natural bodybuilding? It’s a positive step for anyone, regardless of your fear, gender or situation.

Natural bodybuilding is only a vehicle-that we can choose to drive, helping us conquer fear by:

  • Challenging fears of inadequacy to help us overcome life’s obstacles - is a positive.
  • Committing to a routine of physical exercise - is a positive.
  • A consistent routine will build discipline to help inspire over time and keep you on track, another positive.
  • Use the mirrors on less confident days, to show and inspire the direction of where you want to go, as apposed to where you are, again; a positive in front of a negative.
  • Confidence is often the missing ingredient, keeping us from realizing our potential.

If We let it - Fear becomes real, but it’s also a choice, each time you make the choice to put something positive in place of a negative you will ultimately begin to dilute fear.

Making one positive choice everyday – no matter how small, will eventually dissolve fear. In other words: the more you allow positive energy to grow; the smaller the fears become!


Does size build confidence?

Even the king of the Jungle gives way at the watering hole to the Elephant!

Size and confidence often go hand in hand, typically anything that improves self-esteem often elevates a person’s mood, which ultimately increases confidence.

Jungle King

Bodybuilding and its exercises are solely geared to increase muscle tendon size and strength as well as bone mass and density.

With this in mind; the body will also release it’s hold on hormones and endorphins that not only increase size, strength and workout recuperation, but...

also increases a highly euphoric sense of well being during and after workout duration, elevating mood, in turn elevating confidence.

Confidence also grows as your pump increases, confidence grows even more as the workout progresses as nutrients and extra oxygen is pumped violently through the vessels, intensifying oxygen levels to the brain and muscles affected.

Bodybuilding in general: is the epitome of where size and confidence meet! Their are very few sports out there where size and confidence were more made for each other, because size almost always - builds confidence.

The use of mirrors

Often, advanced Natural body builders will commonly approach a mirror with caution. If your wondering why? The reasons can be many… but, for the most part a natural bodybuilder can have a fear of seeing him or herself as (small) in their reflection.

The opposite can also happen:

Fear of Mirrors

The use of mirrors has their place, especially for beginners, seeing the reflection throughout the exercise has some great benefits in correcting lifting form and posture… but,

what about when you’re no longer a beginner?

The mirror can still be used to help correct form when experimenting with a new exercise, but once you’ve advanced beyond this – the mirror can also become a distraction.

Watching your teeth grit or watching others in the background is distracting. There’s always a few in every gym who love to train their ego’s and watch themselves as they do.

Try to avoid being this person, instead; consider using the mirror at the end of a solid training session periodically to see training success or weakness to improve on.

One of the biggest fundamental mistakes made in natural bodybuilding is:

the ability to mentally concentrate and focus all your training effort on each repetition is paramount in all exercises in bodybuilding.

Dividing training concentration from how you look, to what your doing, frequently interrupts training success by half of intended athletic expectations.  

The other side of the mirror?

The other side of the mirror, is the future of our reflection of what can be:

Opening up to the thought of looking at our physical or psychological weaknesses, is anything but easy for most!

The other side of the mirror

Although some are not interested in looking beyond this reflection at all, what we can find beyond this is often a voyage of self discovery.

Natural Bodybuilding and the other side of the mirror, is the inward side of each of us, that’s right – the important part! Who we are, How we feel, What we want, Who we want to be - and what will motivate us to get there!

The mirror’s reflection may show us how we look, but does not show who we are as a person, we can forget this at times, often giving mirrors to much power over us, sometimes even allowing mirrors to show us what we are not.  

The other side of the mirror in bodybuilding is where we see the real side of who we are, not how we look. This is a place where we need to let go of what we may have lost and value what’s been gained.

This is where we come too find - and define our dreams; where patience, persistence and time wins over adversity. Where our past shows on our skin, but does not define what we want to become.

The other side of the mirror is where all things become possible, including what we decide to fight for tomorrow.     

Natural Bodybuilding is a gift or vehicle that we can choose-to help us improve our lifestyle.

The other side of the mirror is the reflection and discovery of ourselves, because as we grow and age we learn - that there's never a substitute for experience and hard work.  


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