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Hello! Welcome to about me, and for your interest in DWT.

Who is Steve Barnes? Let’s find out.    

My home resides in the mountains in the central interior of British Columbia.

My experience comes from over 30 years of weight training.

I'm 56 years of age. I'm also the sole owner, author and creator of Dynamic Weight Training.com.

My experiences don’t only extend from weight training itself, I own my own machine and free weight-based gym, being a builder by trade, I have built and designed my own gym.

Have also designed and built all of my own equipment in it - from cabled to free weight machines, including some of the free weights themselves.

I have also designed routine and training schedules for many of the gym users from beginners to advanced, including those I use myself.


Experience in weight training as in life, has come from meeting many different people, including exposure to places and things I've discovered about it, over the decades.

Having worked with and trained hundreds of others, old and young, including both men and women, to build their physiques to their best through the natural dynamic effort of weight training.

I've trained and collaborated with other athletes from their fields ranging from top level to amateur bodybuilders and weight lifters. This I always enjoyed, as learning and making discoveries is progress in all sports and fitness lifestyles.

Have also worked with and trained with well-rounded men in their fields of kinesiology and authors on the subject in their field, and some of my training partners to this day are well accomplished professional personal trainers.

Weight training throughout all forms of exercise is unique and special, The biggest reason My passion remains consistent is - it's Raw and Real... 

You cannot fake or buy this look; you have to work hard and be prepared to eat relatively clean: this achievement pays back with it's own rewards, not only for the ones who achieve it, but - also for ones who become inspired by it!

                  What Exactly is Dynamic Weight Training?

To be Dynamic, is simply; summoning your will and motivation from life's experience, to change and challenge yourself, to set goals and achieve them through any means necessary.

Dynamic has too many words associated to it to list, but it is the opposite of static, which is to be motionless and never changing, which is what most of us don’t want in life.

Change: brings about new growth and a better understanding of the world that each of us live in.

Dynamic”, is both a noun and a verb, how the word pertains to this site is more of its verb sense: to be highly active, creative, energetic while striving to be better.

To be dynamic is the ability define and set a goal in motion - to summon your motivation and focus this energy towards influencing the goal of what you desire and achieve it, moving the dream into reality...

Which is why the site is ultimately named in its entirety, Dynamic Weight Training, this expression is merely a reflection on how I set goals in my training and enjoy these challenges. 

Weight training is a lifestyle: of creative and imaginative dynamic energy that can be used to achieve strength and physic aesthetics, through its exercises.

Is weight training for you? Never judge yourself too harshly, it doesn’t matter if you have great genetics, as some will try to get you to believe; If you’re small, UN-confident, overweight  or suffer from low self-esteem...

This doesn’t matter you’re in the right place, and if you don’t suffer from these... That’s also fine; You’re still in the right place!

In weight training I often found one thing to be constant, the people that were the under dog so-to-speak, who - despite their size or lower than average strength thresholds, often went on to do the best! 

At the end of the each training day, (genetics), don’t have the final say, as many might believe - You do!

As the designer of Dynamic weight training.com I would like to thank you for dropping in to visit the About me portion of the site; and of course are able find something of interest here.

Weight training needs your imaginations creativity to make it interesting. Visualize your bubble of fun and enjoyment with your music and self-enthusiasm, to energetically charge up your training!

Be cautious of who you let in your bubble, as this is (your time) each day or each week, for you; guard it jealously, if feel you must,’ this is a gift that we give to ourselves - to become mentally and physically even spiritually stronger.

Silver Surfer statueStainless steel - hand forged replica of the Silver surfer. Awarded for 3 1/2 decades of service for helping others towards their achievements, to the Dynamic weight training lifestyle.

Always feel free to stop by, the coffee pot is always on; read the content to motivate, inspire or to help you stay on track. this site is for you in its entirety so please use it, or tell a friend that might be curious about weight training, to check out DWT.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the content and wish to ask a question, leave a comment, idea, thought or an opinion with regards to weight training, visit Contact Me ... I will try and answer them.

I personally wish you the very best with any and all of your physical and mental efforts of striving towards making yourself better through weight training or any means of fitness.


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