Working Out at Home Covid Free

Working out at home

Hi Guys, I know most of the public (Gyms and Recentres) are closed in Canada and some are closing to our friends in the U.S. as well. The Covid 19 Virus maybe forcing most of us out of our favorite gyms, but…

Dynamic Weight would like to help relieve some of this stressful burden by offering exercises you can do right in your own house/basement, garage/shop, apartment, or back yard.

These exercises are typically bodyweight; often performed with simple apparatuses you can find or make in your own home, with little inconvenience or expense.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on folks having to stay at home more, so: I’m sympathetic to everyone’s needs of wanting to keep their current fitness level and relieve some of that stressful anxiety from this crazy bug! So, don’t despair; we're here to help!

What I’m going to include here is: a link to both an article for beginners and advanced. Broke down into manageable exercise strategies for working out at home.

We'll start with Beginner's exercises first: as you continue further down, the article will go into more advanced levels of body weight training exercises.

So, Let's Start out with some Beginners' body weight training exercises.  

Body Weight training is about using what's available. Whether your using a chair mop or broom handle or perhaps pails filled with bricks, books or old nails for some resistance, to assist in making those muscles work overtime is what working out at home is about... So lets train with what we have at our disposal.

You can also use a backpack-filled with canned goods or books and perform lunges. squats etc. You can also rig-up a set of adjustable cargo straps and use them to perform a wide variety of standing or lying pull-ups... it's all about being creative. 

I've provided a Link below to take you to this full indepth page, so wherever you see an exercise you like, but may not have the same equipment as shown; substitute it for something like I've mentioned above. Just be sure to make your temporary apparatus solid and safe before exercising on it.

Beginners Working Out At Home.

Working Out at Home Advanced

Workout at home

As an Advanced athlete variety, angles and intensity typically becomes more sought after! 

Keeping your hard, lean, body (fat-free physic looking good), while keeping your money in your jeans is what advanced working out at home is going to focus on.

Don't be fooled by working out at home-using body weight and some simple resistance exercises... these will challenge even the most seasoned athletes; if performed dynamically!

Working out at home at an advanced level, and experiencing any serious results my leave some - feeling a little unsure of training expectations. Just know Body weight angles can be adjusted to increase intensity greatly.

You can also add resistance to training exercises like filling a backpack up with heavy objects like - books, rocks or bricks or adding some chain etc. to increase gravity's force.

Challenging variety and angles with some-tough-intensity will weaken anyones knees. As your performing these exercises keep training intensity up by using some different intensity strategies:

  • Super Sets: perform 2 different exercises for 1 body part back-to-back (with no rest). Eg. push-ups and chair dips etc.
  • Rest Pause Sets: perform an exercises for 1 body part count to 10 then perform the same exercise again after the 10 second count. (2 back-to-back sets of push-ups will have you pumped and panting sooner than you think if your using some extra resistance).
  • Change Angles: Perform an exercise at a low angle then reduce the angle to make it slightly easier and immediately perform the same exercise at half the angles' intensity until the arms can push or pull know more.

So... here's 11 short videos (under a minute and a half each), with at least 2 different exercises on each vid; about 25 different exercises in all, most of which you can perform right in your own home.

Advanced Working Out At Home.

Stay motivated and keep your working out at home serious, challenging and intense and you will see impressive results!


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