The Benefits Weight Training Gives?

Benefits weight training

The many benefits weight training gives is unique and special among all forms of exercise! There are very few sports and exercise programs that you can use, or perform to develop, strengthen, tone or physically alter the entire body, like that of weight training.

Weight training is a lifestyle, you essentially only compete against yourself; benefits are achieved through weight training by adding and setting realistic goals with rewards. Using your imagination to dream to be better, are some of the tools used to achieve goals.

Pushing yourself to reach a higher mental and physical athletic level is only one of the many benefits weight training gives. Weight training is not age or gender specific, any and every one can weight train at any level.

It would be tough to list all the benefits weight training gives in their entirety that are specifically related to weight training; I would probably run out of paper before I could finish. 

All jokes aside though, weight training is a lifestyle change that is growing in popularity around the world: but, especially here in North America.

People are beginning to see that weight training is not just for a few, that are genetically gifted such as; Olympic athletes, power lifters or for physique athletes like bodybuilders, etc., nothing could be further from the truth.

Weight training on its own is not competitive.

At the end of the day weight training is just that: it’s a form of exercise that you either accept and make it part of your lifestyle, or not. Here at Dynamic Weight Training, it is encouraged as a lifestyle to enrich and enhance it.

The benefits weight training gives are almost endless, but lets discuss some of the ones that I feel would probably be the most important, to you.

Increased Self-confidence, and Self-Esteem

  • The benefits weight training will bring to your life after only a few short months of training is, First: the enhancement of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • How? There are many mental, physical and even biological changes that will begin to erupt within your core from this type of stimulation, that resistance exercises produce-throughout your entire body.

If the exercises are performed properly and energetically, your body will respond to this new adaptive process, and quickly. After a few short weeks of weight training your body will begin to release endorphin's. 

This sense of euphoria and well-being becomes very coveted by most weightlifters, male and female alike. You don’t need to take synthetic drugs for this; your body produces this on its own. This is all part of the stimulation you’ll feel from the effort of the pump your body produces. 

Parallel bar dips
  • Other direct physical benefits weight training creates is greater muscular strength and improved appearance of muscle tone; you will also increase your body’s endurance, along with a stronger increase in bone density.
  • Visual results of growing and changing from the physical enhancement of weight training also produce results that change your attitude towards yourself and your life, things that you never thought possible of yourself as your strength and confidence grows.
  • Your results from your weight training efforts will be the new reality   reflected in your mirror.

Increasing Your Heart’s Blood Flow And BMR.

This increased level of arterial blood flow through your major vessels will add more oxygen and nutrition to all of the different muscle groups; including your brain. Your heart will also become stronger and more efficient. So what does this mean?

Dead lifting
  • Weight training will also increase the body’s (basal metabolic rate), or BMR. This increases with weight training efficiency and the increase in new muscle mass, so what does this mean to you? This promotes and insures longer-term fat loss!
  • This means: you will look and you will feel 5 to 10 years younger, your mental outlook and attitude; inward and outwardly will change as you are energizing your engine. Try our DWT BMR calculator
  • If this sounds like a sales pitch or that you will have to buy something; you are mistaken, your body does this naturally; Our goal is to help you with yours. By first: making you aware that this exists. Second: weight training is not as difficult to achieve, as you might think.

Losing unwanted weight, toning or increasing muscular strength and size for men and especially women is one thing you want, even if you don’t know you want it. So how will or does this help You?

  • Your muscles: Believe it or not, are the life-blood of your physical, active being, without them you could not preform mechanical tasks or walk. Understanding what your muscles are and what they accomplish for you each day is something all of us should know. Sadly, many of us don’t. Simply put: life is just easier when your stronger.
  • Muscle tissue is 'adipose tissue', meaning: this is active tissue, this tissue takes a lot of energy/calories  to sustain it. If your want to lose weight through weight training and different eating habits.
  • Effectively weight training enhances and increases your body’s overall efficiency, with things like balance, coordination, strength, endurance speed even reflex efficiency.
  •  Any time that you increase your strength, your effectively increasing muscle efficiency; often people don’t know or understand: you actually increase its fat burning abilities anywhere to 30 to 50 percent, (this of course varies from each individual). weight training produces what is called... the after burn effect.

  • If you’re sitting next to a person that doesn’t weight train, eating your meal or have just finished eating, you are actually burning calories faster and more efficiently, than that person your sitting next to you that does not weight train

A Stronger Body Has a Stronger Immune System

The benefits weight training gives comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, the benefits of this type of exercise are still being learned by sports medical physicians and laboratory studies all the time.

Benefits of weight lifting
  • Controlling and lowering your chances of sickness, chronic disease and infection.
  • Increasing your strength, endurance and overall physical capacity: you effectively lower your chances of heart disease, including certain cancers, diabetes and other degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, these can be debilitating and even fatal diseases.
  • Other benefits weight training gives regarding sickness is: the common cold and flu in its many streams and forms, can be reduced: a stronger body builds a stronger immune system. Anytime you increase the efficiency of our body’s engine and immune system: with exercise and diet, you help lower and in some cases eliminate many of these scourges.
  • This new increase in metabolism and circulation through increased blood flow and efficiency, also helps your body’s temperature by regulating it: e.g., If you’re always cold, this increases core temperature and blood circulation.

Incline Smith machine press

  The Benefits Weight Training Gives Will Also Slow Aging, Build Strength, Muscularity and Bone Density

  • Over time, no matter how often we weight train the process of aging is ongoing: Time demands a small payment each and every day from each of us, unfortunately.
  • This aging process over time does cause muscle loss. The given name to this is ‘Sarcopenia’; this believe it or not, starts as early as the early 20s in men and women. This rate or speed increases somewhat slightly as we age; studies have shown that by the age of 50, men and women can lose 0.3-0.5 pounds of muscle for every year lived, from this point on.

  • Don’t despair; this is not meant to frighten or scare, this is just an honest heads up, weight training can help with this immensely. Will you still lose muscle over time? You probably will. This rate will increase somewhat as you enter your midlife, but... weight training and proper nutrition will fight and slow this process more than you can imagine. 

Can You Relieve stress/Tension Through Weight Training?

One of the best benefits weight training can and does give every weight lifter, after you’ve learned how to do the exercises properly…

  • Is the ability to relieve stress, something that a billion-dollar business surrounds, and seems to be shrouded in mystery of, expensive prescriptions to relieve this stress, and many of us don’t even know what we’re taking? 
  • Weight training as a raw exercise form, will also relieve tension from stress, that is related to it.

  •  As many of us come home from work tired, ready to throw in the towel have a beer watch TV or a movie; simply to just unplug from the long workday, Is understood by most of us that work for a living.

  • As I encourage you to give weight training a chance in your life, there’s also something to be said for having your rest and De-stressing, whether watching some TV or a movie or being with family or loved ones, is very important. But a few times a week preforming contraction training exercises as in weight training, you may also find that there is something very de-stressing and at the same time that connects you positively to your life; as you become conditioned.
  • All of these things I have mentioned above, I class as outward things that are important, and give us meaning and pleasure to our lives. The results from your weight training efforts are no different, stress and tension will dissolve as you become stronger. Which moves us to feeling the 'Inward benefits weight training gives'.

                  Experiencing Weight Training Inward

The reality of weight training

As mentioned, the benefits weight training can give are almost infinite: 

Ultimately at the end of each training day as you progress and get a better understanding of your body and how it reacts to the unique and special training from that of weights and weightlifting, you will ultimately find a positive piece of yourself.

This piece is for each of us to discover in our own way, once you have discovered this though; this opens up new doorways you’re connecting your thoughts, feelings, experiences and your different emotions of those to your body. The passion of how you train and how strong you become makes this connection more intense...

You will have this new connection radiate from you, and others will notice this! This will help strengthen this new connection you make with yourself.

The only way we can experience most of life’s everyday things is through our bodies senses. The greater your physical condition becomes, only means: that your experiences are going to be  amplified that much more.

I hope in some small way to encourage you, to give weight training a try. Of course, only at your physical level and condition and experience some; or even all, of the many benefits 'even if you are a complete beginner', that are listed here on the page. 

I also would like to encourage you to check with your health care provider or family physician and see what he/she has to say before you start. 

thank you for reading the benefits weight training page, I wish you the very best make your training fun, add variety and keep things imaginatively interesting; as this will go a long way to becoming a new lifestyle for you: if you so choose it? DWT

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