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Welcome to the weight training videos library at dynamic weight training .com. This library is not the most extensive one on the planet, but; were always trying to add to it.

I've categorized the videos towards age, gender and fitness level, to help make it a little easier for you to search the videos. There is also a brief written overview of each video, to help you assess interest in whether you wish to view it, or not. 

I would also like to add: at the bottom of the page. you can leave a comment or see contact me, feel free to suggest a video you'd like to watch or that you have an interest in...

Sometimes we will make a new video on request if there's enough interest on a particular training subject.

Men's Weight Training

The Dynamic Pump, Running The Rack # 01:

This video is about producing a strong dynamic pump in biceps training, this type of training is beyond the beginner, aimed at a more advanced audience of bodybuilding and arm training

Approx. run time: 10:15

The Dynamic Muscle Pump # 02:

This is the second video in the three-part series of the dynamic pump, this video also goes into producing a strong biceps pump by incorporating a Tri - Set with no rest between sets, all exercises are based on the use of the preacher or Scott curl bench.

Approx. run time: 6:23

Dynamic Pump Dumbbell Drop Curls # 03:

The final video in a dynamic pump series is based on how to perform drop sets using dumbbells with strict form. Again, the dynamic pump videos are definitely beyond the beginner level, but always feel free to look over any and all videos that interest you. 

Approx. run time: 6:27

Verbal/Visual Instruction Biceps Training:

This video goes into different bicep and arm training techniques, with some visual and verbal training instruction. This video is aimed at a serious intermediate level.

Approx. run time: 4:26

Advanced Body Weight Training Narrated/Visual Instruction

This is an introduction video and one body weight training video; showing how to increase overall body strength, muscularity and stamina through manipulating bodyweight angles, movements and exercises.

to see other body weight videos follow: Advanced Body Weight Training

Approx. run time 1:30

Women's Weight Training Increasing Strength

Upper Body Barbell Training:

Here, Sue and I go into some of the different uses of the barbell using compound exercises, also included: how to use proper exercise technique to build strength, coordination confidence and endurance in women's weight training.

Approx. run time: 5:26

Upper Body Dumbbell Training:

Hear Sue and I offer some comprehensive flat and incline pressing movements with dumbbells, showing proper dumbbell placement, technique and how to contract against dumbbell resistance.

Approx. run time: 5:54

Free Weight Training Videos Lower Body:

Sue and I demonstrate how to perform the barbell squat and bar placement, with a wider stance, including how to incorporate proper foot and toe position to exercise different areas of the quadriceps.

We also show how to perform the barbell lunge and the dead lift with proper form and technique. These are great timeless compound exercise classics that build both strength, lower body shape and endurance for women.

Run time approx: 10:50

Inspire With Cardio For Women

Dynamic Interval Cardio Visual Training:

This is a short cardio video with different abdominal and core exercises for women. using short interval training with nonstop motion throughout the exercise duration produces a very dynamic, electric metabolizing boost to your cardio workout.

This video has no audio instruction, the music is suited to the movements let it inspire, never be afraid to try and push the limits with short bursts of interval training... and see what happens in the mirror as time passes.

Run time approx: 1:20

Weight Training Videos To Inspire

Aspire to Inspire:

This video is action-packed with an epic series of music tracks, showing that you don't have to have a complete state-of-the-art gym, get out there, live life, challenge yourself and become the athlete that you've always wanted to be.

See the many different ways you can train dynamically to increase strength, endurance and confidence in your life. 

Approx. run time: 8:48

Men Of Iron:

This video highlights the Olympic bench build for the Valemount Community Rec Center, as there wasn't one. The bench press was Built and donated by Dynamic Weight Training.Com.

In the wake of the donation; we also held a drug-free bench press competition for our local lifters. This is a short story to inspire, It's an easy and fun watch.

Approx. run time: 4:00

Old School Calf Training:

This mini documentary takes a journey to an old school approach to Calf training, going through some of the different exercise methods, training strategies and training equipment, to ultimately inspire natural bodybuilders curiosity towards building bigger Calf's.

Approx. rum time: 13:00 mins

As mentioned before: we're always trying to increase our weight training videos library; never hesitate to drop us a line in the comment box, or on the contact me page. If you have any questions on the videos or content or perhaps would like to see something different, let us know.

Use the weight training videos as often as you need, to keep you hungry,  keep you trying and challenging yourself, your never more than a few workouts away from reaching your goal. Thanks for stopping by.                                            


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