Women's Weight Training Weight Loss

Weight training weight loss

Why weight training weight loss? Each time women try to lose weight, unknowingly, there's one important factor that can get missed. Going to the gym and performing endless missions of cardio, including all the weight training in the world may not always get you to your goal.

The most important underlying value of training for weight loss is summed in one word: (intensity). Intensity activates metabolism, If you can’t get it sped up and keep it there, weight loss simply will not happen. Let’s not kid ourselves; You can’t out train a poor diet, what’s on the end of your fork, always decides how you’re going to look.

Interval intensity-weight training to lose weight, is what electrifies the metabolism and keeps it there, with a solid training strategy and clean eating habits, you have nowhere to go, but straight up!

Believe in yourself; set your weight training and weight loss goal this year… And live it!

A popular consensus that many believe about weight loss is: that if all else fails you can simply starve yourself to lose weight; of course, that could be an option... but it's uncomfortable and unhealthy...

This creates a huge energy deficit and merely adds to the stress of dieting and exercise, this often is part of the reason why so many quit on their weight training and weight loss goal.

The body will often to go into a (hibernated-state), it can even begin to gain weight, hold more water, not to mention worst of all; your bodies (BMR)  Basal Metabolic Rate, can begin to slow as well...

So let's dig a little deeper to find something that is first healthy, and secondly - use a unique training strategy that produces results. 

Altering Body Composition Through Weight Training

Think like a sprinter: sprinter metabolisms stay spiked because of short, intense, controlled bursts of energy, this intensifies metabolism energy expenditure meaning: more calories burned over shorter periods of time.

Think like a sprinter

It is common that so many associate losing weight with cardio-based training:

Cardio training will help you lose weight; according to your bathroom scale. One of the things little understood about cardio training is; this will only cause a rise in your metabolic rate for 1 to 2 hours after each cardio session.

Weight training raises the bodies (RMR), resting metabolic rate over a much longer period of time, this can last up to 20 to 30 hours, depending on the intensity you’ve trained at.

With only cardio exercise you burn calories, but some of these are from glycogen stores-from lean muscle tissue, (which is what you don’t want).

Women often associate progress by the direction of the (weigh scale). Weight training and weight loss is different, using the scale will tell you what you weigh. But...

it will not show you how you look! Muscle tissue is smaller and weighs more with greater density than that of body fat.

This difference is noticed in the mirror, in photographs and how you feel, and oddly enough for women; (how you look is often how you feel), these new practices now become your new measuring cup, allowing these new practices to take the place of the weigh scale.

Weighing yourself has little to do with how you actually look in the mirror... this makes each of us a little more accountable to using these visual methods of measurement and seeing exercise success.

Why Weight Training to Lose Weight?

Why women's weight training

Why weight training weight loss?

It's common that some women are a little hesitant to start lifting weights, especially; (heavier weights)

Fact: muscle even for women is active tissue, meaning: it’s metabolically active, your muscles actually (burn body fat), even at rest for many hours after weight training.

I'm sure you have witnessed friends or relatives that go on a weight loss diet or exercise regime, often see one thing...

Most seem to fail! Move beyond this, discover your body, keep in mind that short bursts of intensity uses more energy. Energy expended - is what burns calories, this is why short bursts of intensity works so well for weight loss!

Every Woman Has a Sexy Physique

The weight training weight loss program is going to win it back, If it’s obscured? We're going to look at how to set up a solid training method to put you on the right track.

For this we need to incorporate 2 things:

Interval training, not only strengthens muscle by increasing its need to consume more calories.

And this you may find interesting: (interval weight training), utilizes calories from body fat.

1 . A solid weight training plan that challenges both upper and lower body muscles with compound exercises, performing split exercises with rest between each second set.

2 . Interval cardio, switching the intensity dial, from intense too easy, doubles the speed that you burn body fat.

Interval training is generally much shorter than traditional weight training exercise programs, The performance of these exercises with the proper intensity and rest, burns more body fat in shorter time frames.

Again: think of the sprinter moments of intensity, then rest. Your weight loss routine is based on three days a week.

To rebuild those sexy curves and lines of definition, So - let’s see what a weekly weight training weight loss routine might look like.

  Weekly Weight Training Weight Loss Routine

Starting With Low Impact, Interval Cardio Training

Interval cardio

Pick 2 different low impact-cardio exercises, e.g., upright exercise bike or elliptical trainer. This cardio will serve two purposes, to stimulate metabolism and a warm up for your pumping iron session.

Starting with the exercise bike: you perform a total of four minutes - the first minute performed at a speed that you become winded by minutes end.

Remember: it needs to be intense, at this point; the second minute-you move into a lower gear, all you want to do is keep the legs moving, allowing the lunges to make an 85-90%  oxygen recovery.

Intensify Interval cardio

On the third minute: push yourself back into high gear; think like the sprinter, increasing intensity even from that of the first min. As this closes, shift down to the easy gear again; allowing the lungs to make a recovery. At this point you should know you’ve done something.

Now let’s move on to the 2 phase of cardio.

Repeat this same idea on the elliptical trainer, if that is the apparatus you’ve chosen, weight training weight loss, is about intensity intervals. Now that you’ve finished with this part of the work out, allow sufficient time for oxygen recovery before moving in the weight training.

Your weight training routine/exercises will be based on this same principal with one slightly different twist. Remember: we want to stimulate body metabolism through short bursts of muscle contraction effort while we’re training.

The exercises will be performed in groups of 2, one for upper, the other for the lower body. These need to be performed back-to-back meaning: little to-no rest, between each exercise set, rest comes at the end of each double exercise Interval.

Performing the exercises in this manner does two things: this effort increases body strength and produces a strong metabolic spike.

Note: if you’re a beginner go through each days exercise circuit at a pace you can handle, going through the routine once for each workout, will probably be plenty adequate.

If you have more experience, I would suggest: trying to go through each exercise program for each day twice if you can, if you can’t try to go through it 1 ½ times until you can do each days circuit twice. Always be sure that resistance meets your lifting level.

I call this the: (high intensity anaerobic mini circuit) or HIAMC., designed specifically for weight training weight loss.

Let’s start with Monday:

Barbell Squat + Dumbbell Press:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Female squat + press

For the barbell squat rest the bar across the shoulders with the wide grip, feet should be hip width apart. Lower down keeping the movements smooth, keep the energy on the hips and legs, with your back as straight as you can, from the bottom drive straight-back-up through the heels to starting point.

This exercise stimulates the shoulders lower back, hips, glutes and quadriceps.

With little or no rest: move to the second movement DB presses, lying on a flat bench, dumbbells turned outwards, slightly resting on the front shoulders, drive the dumbbells up (don’t allow the arms to lockout). Lower the dumbbells back to the starting position under control, try to feel your chest and shoulder muscles contracting. 

muscles stimulated, front shoulders, triceps and mid chest.

Stiff leg dead lift + standing barbell press:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Weights or fat loss

Starting with dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts: keep the knees as straight as you can, lower into the exercise as shown, at the bottom, begin to raise back up to the starting position in a controlled manner.

This exercise stimulates, rear legs, shoulders, biceps, lower back, glutes and rear leg biceps.

With little or no rest: move to the second exercise, using an appropriately weighted barbell, with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip, have the bar resting at your shoulders.

Now push the bar straight up keeping the motion smooth and controlled (try not to lockout the elbows), or use the legs; make it all upper body. Lower the bar under control back to your starting position finish your reps. This exercise stimulates, front and rear shoulders, traps, and triceps.

Weight training weight loss is not about skimping out and using teeny dumbbells or barbells, challenge your rep range in each exercise.

Dumbbell Lunges + Bent Barbell Rows:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Weight routine for women

Dumbbell lunges are just that, a lunge; not a step, remember: this is weight training weight loss; choose dumbbells that suit and challenge your lifting level. Step out with one leg, be sure your toe stays past the end of your knee, in the extended position, this is a deep lunge.

You may perform all reps one leg at a time, or push back to the starting point and alternate with each leg; this is your choice. This exercise stimulates lower back, glutes hamstrings and quadriceps muscles of the upper legs.

With little or no rest: let’s move to barbell bent rows, challenge yourself with an appropriate weight.

Move into a bent position as shown: keeping your head up, lower the bar to arm’s-length under control, then immediately pull it back up in the same manner, try to touch the bar to the upper abdominal's.

This exercise works the lower/upper back muscles, the trapezius and biceps muscles all assist in this lift.

Lying Leg Curls + Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Women's training for fat loss

Starting with leg curls: , adjust resistance to reach your 10 reps maximum, let the heels and rear leg biceps do the pulling, make a point of keeping your pelvic area as tight to the bench as you can, as your raising your legs.

Try not to lift your butt to help, this only cheats the leg biceps out of definition/strength of the movement. This exercise stimulates the calves, leg biceps and glutes.

With little or no rest: using dumbbells with enough weight to allow for 10 reps, dumbbells resting at your shoulders, palms facing outward. Foot position wide enough apart to stabilize. As with all shoulder exercises, push through the exercise in a smooth controlled motion.

Note: these often get performed wrong (don’t lockout at the top), (bring the dumbbells down to touch your shoulders every rep). This exercise works the triceps, front and rear shoulders and traps.

For beginners; going through this once on Monday will probably be enough. As you become more conditioned or if you are; try to get through the routine twice this should be plenty of stimulation to kick your bodies metabolism into a higher gear.

Tuesday is rest day.

Weight training weight loss Note: try to stay away from excessive carbs on days off, but… increase complex-carb consumption some on training days.

Wednesday hump-day, time to get back at it:

Barbell Dead lift + Split Squats:

One Set for each exercise  Reps - 10 each exercise

Women's weight loss

Starting with the barbell dead lift: keep your toes forward with a medium stance, gripping the bar slightly wider than shoulder width with a reverse grip for each hand. Upper legs should be parallel to the floor with your butt sitting low as illustrated.

Push through the heels, letting the quadriceps and shoulders doing the pushing and pulling, allowing the bar to barely clear the knees on the way up. Once you’ve straightened out and arms are at length, lower back to the starting position and complete your set.

This exercise stimulates leg biceps quadriceps, glutes, upper and lower back, shoulders and biceps, (making this one of best weight training weight loss exercises there are).

With little or no rest, let’s move into split squats, holding dumbbells palms facing in, rest one toe on the edge of a solid utility bench/chair, this exercise mimics the lunge somewhat: lower yourself into the exercise under control until the rear upper leg is parallel to the floor as illustrated.

Now push-back-up under control to the starting position, and finish your reps. This exercise stimulates shoulder lower back and core strength, also stimulated are the glutes, calves and quadriceps.

Goblet Squats + Barbell Curls:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Women training weight reduction

Starting with the dumbbell goblet squat: hold the dumbbell securely between your hands resting against your chest, keep your hips and butt beyond the heels, acts a counterweight against the dumbbell.

Lower as deep as you can, this is what tightens and builds, definition in the lower back, glutes, quadriceps and rear leg biceps.

With little or no rest, let’s move into barbell curls, weight training weight loss is about challenging those muscles through pumping iron.

So what better exercise than medium grip barbell curls, with feet together, keep your upper body as straight as you can-allowing the biceps to do the work.

Don’t allow the bar to come all the way to your chest, keep tension on the biceps throughout the movement. This exercise works the forearms, biceps and front shoulders.

Dumbbell Walking Lunge + Dumbbell Push-up/Row:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Losing weight through weights

Starting with walking lunges: take a deep step forward keeping the toes past the knees, with the extended leg, push yourself upward and propel yourself forward with the rear leg passing the original extended leg; (as an exaggerated walk), until 10 repetitions has been met with each leg.

Muscle stimulation: shoulders, lower back hamstrings quadriceps, glutes and calf muscles.

With little or no rest, let’s move into push-ups: starting in a push-up position gripping dumbbells shoulder width grip. Push and fully extend yourself upward, as illustrated.

Shift your weight to one shoulder, support yourself with one arm. With the other pull the dumbbell up to the side of your abdominal's, return the arm, and repeat with the other arm until you have reached 8 to 10 repetitions, this exercise is great to have in any weight training exercise arsenal.

This stimulates lower back/core, shoulders, biceps and glute muscles.

Cable crunches + plate twists:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Women stronger ABS

Starting with the cable crunch as illustrated: resting on the knees extend the arms up enough to feel the stretch in the abdominal's; at this point: begin to pull down, (tuck and curl your upper body), until forearms become parallel to the floor.

Squeeze for a contraction, release and perform the rest of your reps, this exercise stimulates the obliques, serratus, abdominal's and lower back.

With little or no rest move into plate twists; these can be performed with plate weight or the use of a dumbbell, the (choice is yours). 

Starting with a weight out in front, keep your upper body at a 45° angle as illustrated, moving the plate from one side to the other. Squeeze the abdominal's on both sides as you move through the reps try for 8 - 10 reps each side.

Thursday rest and enjoy friend’s day

Friday back to it:

with one extra exercise set from Wednesday to keep metabolism stimulated over the weekend.

Plate Raise + Barbell Calf Raises:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Weight loss women's

Starting with the (plate raise) as illustrated; maintain a solid stance, lift the weight until just above the shoulders, on returning lower the weight under control, don’t allow yourself to drop, swing or heave the weight.

Make the shoulders and hips support the weight, don’t bend your knees or help with your legs, make the upper body muscles earn their keep. Stimulation should be felt in the lower back, hips, front and rear shoulders, biceps and forearms.

Moving into the 2nd exercise; standing on a plate or small board with the barbell as in a starting squat position, fully extend up on your toes to make the calf muscles contract.

Lower back down for a deep stretch, and repeat, note: alternate toe position, meaning: toes touching heels apart, next set - have the toes apart with heels together, this stimulates the calves from different angles.

Barbell Lunge + Dumbbell Incline press:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Women lean for life

Starting with the barbell lunge: with a weight that will challenge for no more than 10 reps each leg, we want stimulation and muscles challenged to increase metabolism/weight loss.

With the barbell resting across the shoulders, have hands extended well beyond the shoulders for balance and support. Step forward into a deep lunge, push back out with the same leg, and repeat with the other. This exercise works the glutes, quads and hamstrings lower back and shoulders.

(With an added bonus of adding definition to the sides of the legs).

With little or no rest: let’s move into 2nd exercise: dumbbell incline press, starting with dumbbells lightly touching the front shoulders, drive them upward in a smooth, controlled manner.

Bring the dumbbells together, don’t allow them to touch and (don’t lock the elbows out), at this point: squeeze for a momentary contraction, then release the dumbbells back to the starting point, this exercise stimulates upper chest, front and rear shoulders as well as the triceps.

Barbell Front Squats + Barbell Romanian Dead Lift:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Women how to stay lean

Starting with the barbell front squat: the barbell should be resting across the fleshy part of the front shoulders, If you find this pinches too much; wrap a towel around the bar. Support the bar with the fingertips, past your shoulders for balance and control.

This is another great weight training weight loss exercise, keeping feet  8 - 10 inches apart, hips back, body straight and chin up. Lower in a smooth, controlled motion until upper legs are parallel to the floor.

Drive back-up through your heels using the hips and powerful muscles of the quadriceps, this exercise stimulates the glutes, upper and lower back, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Next we move into barbell Romanian deadlifts: this exercise might not look like much: but... choose a resistance to keep you in your rep range. Start upright with arms at length, shoulder width apart. Lower yourself parallel to the floor (a deep stretch).

As you begin to lift-up allow the bar to barely pass the knees try to keep the energy in line with the heels and hips pullback with the shoulders, to complete the lift. Muscle stimulation; the glutes, hamstrings, quads, biceps, shoulders, upper and lower back.

Barbell Good Mornings’ + Leg Extensions:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Exercises for women

Starting with barbell good mornings: with the barbell across your back standing straight; lower until parallel to the floor, keeping your head up.

Using the lower back, leg and shoulder muscles, push the upper body back to the starting point in a controlled motion. This exercise strongly stimulates the lower back, including shoulder and leg muscles.

Note: I would suggest starting with just a bar nothing more if you’re not used to lower back exercises; I would not perform this exercise more than once a week until your lower-back becomes conditioned.

With little or no rest: let’s move into leg extensions, adjust the weight to attain your repetitions from the starting bent knee position, raising your feet up until fully extended, giving a momentary contraction before lowering.

Note: try not to lower the weight to the point where resistance is off the legs, keep the tension on the big muscles of the quadriceps, machines make life easy. 

So... it’s up to you to force the issue, each time you perform this exercise move your foot position, meaning: toes facing outward, or toes facing inward.

Barbell Bench Press + Decline Sit-ups:

One Set for each exercise   Reps - 10 each exercise

Reducing weight with weights women

Starting with the barbell bench press: use a wider than shoulder width grip, un-rack the bar and lower to your mid- chest, allowing it to touch, but not rest. With a smooth deliberate motion, drive the bar back to the starting point; avoid (locking out the elbows).

Try to give a momentary contraction at the top of each rep. This exercise stimulates the front shoulders, chest and triceps muscles.

Moving into the final exercise of the week is: decline sit-ups, using plate weight or a dumbbell, try to always add resistance in all weight training weight loss exercises as conditioning increases.

Lower yourself as illustrated, where the lower back is not quite touching the bench, immediately pull yourself back up, try not to pull yourself up to the point where you’re resting, keeping tension on the abdominal's.

This exercise stimulates the abdominal's, obliques, hips and lower back.

Great job; Its Time to enjoy the the Weekend, let the muscles rest, and enjoy life!


Be patient: give the routine time and work with yourself, be creative with the music you listen to and surrounding atmosphere, change the exercises around as you see fit to continually challenge yourself. And always make an effort to have some fun with your training.

Realisticallywomen are capable of putting on 4 - 6 pounds of muscle in a calendar year.

As a woman putting on 5 to 6 pounds of new muscle in one year from weight training, your estimated metabolism would use or burn approximately 50 calories per day to sustain each pound of that new muscle.

5 pounds of new active muscle burning 250 calories more per day, everyday means: (50 calories per day x 5 pounds). with 1 pound of fat that requires you to burn 3500 calories to get rid of it, you will effectively burn and permanently lose 26 pounds in one year...

And ultimately gain 5 pounds of new muscle while achieving your weight training weight loss goal, with all of this...

done in a safe manner that doesn't jeopardize your health and efforts by starving or drastically cutting calories. Gaining lean muscle mass to add sexy aesthetics to your physique, and losing 26 pounds of unwanted fat, is realistic and achievable over the course of one year.

By applying simple math; it's easy to see the relevance to weight training and weight loss. This is why I try to stress having a long-term goal, with smaller rewards along the way, to keep you motivated towards your main goal!

There’s an old saying “the only unrealized dreams we have as humans are the ones we have on our deathbed”. Never let fear stop you: Smash Through walls, tear down barriers pushover obstacles and do whatever you have to, to go after, and live your weight training weight loss dream. Find in your heart, your passion and motivation-to-commitment and let your desire lead you there.


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