Free Weight Training For Women

Rear squat

Change Your Body and Lifestyle Forever. With Free Weight Training For Women

Dynamic weight would like bring some clarity to free weight training for women.

There's many great exercise forms out there for self-enjoyment and improvement, but the vast majority will not… build streamlined curves and well-defined shadows of muscularity in your physique like that of free weights.

This is a result that only free weight training produces. Building definition, shadows and sexy new curves to highlight the aesthetics of your body will reflect the dynamic physique you want to build this year!

Planning Your Free Weight Goal This Year?

Surprisingly, when it comes to free weight training the physical and psychological goals between men and women are not as incredibly different, as you might think. 

The exercises are similar in free weight training for women, but goals are somewhat different... so a more streamlined free weight training goal is needed. Most women generally want part of the goal to be, or center on 'weight loss'.

Weight loss is only part of distinguishing the fitness equation

This is where some of the misguided efforts of the fashion, and gossip magazine world have tainted the reality of the weight-loss dream, making it seem bigger than it really is.

Building a stronger healthier body needs to have a clearer direction as to what you want to see as your End Goal! 

Weight loss alone will not give you the curves, muscularity and dynamic symmetry that free weight training does.

Centering the wants of your goal towards overall – weight loss is often not a strong enough goal to get you to physically alter your physique - If that's what you’re after?

Instead: maybe take a little different approach of your goal, making it a little more long-term - some longevity and self-inspired happiness, while increasing strength should all be part of the goal you set...

Be realistic with the time frames you set out for your goal, slowly incorporate the goal into a lifestyle that you can enjoy and change with it, by adding your own pace and creative ideas by incorporating them into a manageable training program and schedule.

Ultimately, you and you alone: become the master and creator of sculpting your dynamic weight training body and destiny.

If you are worried about getting huge, like that of a male or advanced female bodybuilder, don’t be; nothing in the world of free weight training for women happens easy or overnight! 

You control this! How muscular, toned and streamlined you want to make yourself appear in the mirror, is in your control!

The only thing that stands in the way of this control and getting what you want from it can be summed up simply: you have to apply consistent intensity towards the goal, even if you train at home.

Why Free Weight Training for Women?

Free weight training for women

Some may see or notice this when their younger, but more often seen in women in their mid-to-mature years can find themselves feeling invisible.

This sensation as we age for some, can feel like advancing fog, covering who and what you are. As this feeling advances of others not seeing or noticing or you as you age, can seem very real for some...

This feeling of invisibility is just that: a feeling; you hold the power and the key to change your life, along with the direction you want to take it.

Free weight training for women is about the mental and physical strength you build into the training with the exercise movements that free weights are known for.

As this strength increases confidence ensues - learning to master your own body becomes the new stimulating factor in training progression.

Free weight training also excites the release of different hormones, as blood and oxygen levels are increased to the brain; the body releases its hold on hormones and  endorphin levels: often increasing a strong sense of well-being, and self empowerment.

Women performing push-ups

Depression, low self-esteem or a feeling of powerlessness to change one's life, can be mood-altering, especially in these financially harsh and challenging times. 

Rediscover your inner strength! All women have a different glow outwardly when they feel stronger and self-empowered and comfortable with their bodies.

Strength training with free weights changes your Dynamic Energy: positively altering how you look and feel about yourself; as your strength increases, stronger bridges will be built, resulting in stronger neurological pathways in the nervous system.

If you’re wondering what the hell does this have to do with free weight training, well...

It changes the level of oxygen that your body uses to do daily tasks you’ll find yourself becoming more self-aware, imaginative, creative and outgoing, as a result you will also notice an increase in metabolism this = weight loss.

Challenges that you once thought were not achievable or just out of your reach, now begin to look smaller and more attainable, as your body grows stronger, so will your confidence and the effort that you put into each new challenge and goal you set!

Building Strength for Women

Lower Body Free Weight Training For Women - Barbells

  • Lets define Strength:

Strength is what builds shape, size, symmetry and defining shadows, all of these begin to increase as strength becomes realized.

  • The word 'Muscle mass':

is important; but should not be misunderstood, some women liken the term ‘muscle mass’, to that of a pro-female bodybuilder. 

Free weight training for women is about increasing strength and (lean muscle mass); to define and enhance the femininity of your physique.

Building and maintaining muscle mass pays back with a host of benefits to overall health and well-being.

Losing too much muscle mass in your efforts to lose body fat slows the metabolism, creating a smaller, softer version of yourself, instead of a more defined, symmetrical and leaner looking self, so...

let's have a look at what a weekly free weight training and cardio routine might like.

How to Incorporate Cardio And Free Weight Training Into a Weekly Routine 

Free Weight Training Program

As you use the exercise routine; please, approach free weight training from your lifting level. If you’re a complete beginner getting the okay from your family or health care physician is a great place to start first.

If your a beginner - always think in terms of: starting with a little less, until you build a good strength base.

If you're a moderate to advanced level intermediate athlete with some free weight training under your belt then great; go with the exercises and intensity that your confident and capable of.

Upper Body Compound Training Exercises 

Just before we go into the particulars of your free weight training program; free weight training for women is only one part of the weight loss, muscle and strength building equation, try to keep a few things in mind.

First: a great cardio warm-up affecting the areas you’ll be using in your free weight training, (provided further down).

Second: utilize a great weekly free weight - strength training program; shown in the videos - of some the best strength training exercises there are.

Third: nutrition; often both men and women can struggle with it's understanding, it is essential to regulating weight control, new muscle growth and strength gains. 

Fourth: be sure to rest; rest is important for setting your metabolic rate and allowing muscle tissue to repair and grow, tissue repair and growth only occurs while you sleep, or in a deep state of rest. Always enjoy your rest, as well as your workouts.

Chest Training Training With Dumbbells

Cardio and Free Weight Training 

Cardio and free weight training for women?

Moderate-intensity in amounts that don’t exceed more than 10 or 15 minutes will still give you heaps of benefits.

Cycling on and off of the treadmill, skipping, elliptical or calisthenics and abdominal style exercises, as long as they are performed dynamically, will give you great cardio benefits.

Keeping the heart rate from the (120 to 140 range) on a treadmill or exercise bike in bursts of two or three minutes holds real value towards weight loss

Having a strong aerobic base ultimately allows you to recover more quickly between sets of strength training or high intensity interval training.

Cardio conditioning increases endurance levels, and allows the lungs capacity for faster oxygen recovery between training sets

  • Many think of cardio in its older more traditional form of a 30 to 40 minute outdoor jog or running on a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical over the duration of the entire time mentioned...

Then going home and the workouts over? And any weight that’s lost comes back quickly, if you go back to old eating habits?

  • The second thing that can have a negative impact with this much continuous cardio is: it burns muscle and muscle is active tissue, these and central nervous system are some of the core contributors in calorie consumption. 

Strong/toned muscle is your friend in calorie expenditure.

Build your 12 to 15 minute cardio workout into a dynamic effort. E.g. , perform 2 1/2 minutes max on the treadmill at a decent intensity, then move to a moderately weighted dumbbell/kettlebell, held with two hands in front and perform 20 squats...

move to the exercise bike for one-two minutes of intense peddling... or skip for two minutes, to attain a total of 15 minutes of cardio. How you build your cardio routine is mostly up to you, don’t always pick the ones you like the most, try other exercises that challenge you!

Note: always remember cardio work does produce an effect of burning fat, but if you over-do-it, the body’s central nervous system releases a hormone called "Cortisol", which in turn - burns muscle instead of fat.

Most of the benefits in free weight training for women often come from the exercises we need to perform the most.

Meaning: Weaker areas of the body will ultimately tell you where your strength curve is struggling - focus on these areas first, to bring them up to par with the others.

Anaerobic - muscle tone/enhancement and refinery, primarily comes from the raw form of (free weights themselves) - it's no accident that Free Weights transform women's physiques; that ultimately removes the 'invisibility' curtain, and you may even find... your being noticed once again!

Free Weight Training For Women, Summary:

If you’re a complete beginner, give your body time to adapt to free weight training movements.

Anaerobic training can be challenging in the beginning, in a few short months your body will acclimatize to lifting, your body is stronger than you might think!

Again, the most important value I can share with you here is: find and define what excites and drives your passion towards building a better, stronger, leaner physique and make one or maybe all of these strategies your Goal this year!

Without a clearly defined goal, you merely have nothing more than a directionless dream.

Visualize your goal, and once you put your training efforts into this direction, you will achieve things easier than you think. The more things you achieve the more you will want to...

Never give up on your goalas you reach each one, set new ones. When you see your neighbour, friend or acquaintance that gets up every morning and goes for a run or to the gym, let it inspire you; because this is how it's done.

It's no different for them than you, change your lifestyle, never give-up, turn your goal into positive change! 

I hope the free weight training for women article; has helped reshape some of your fitness and physique building challenges you wish to work on this year. Go for it, rediscover yourself and build that body you've been dreaming of! 


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