Home Gyms Weight Training

Home Gyms weight training

Building your home gym's weight training dream is about: challenging your creative side. Of what you want, and what you want to achieve athletically. People all over North America are discovering more and more… The fun and importance of having their own home-based gym specifically for weight training.

These range from rustic handmade equipment in small to mediocre amounts in garages including the use of dad's mechanical shop etc. To the more elaborate home gyms with their equipment and cost that rival some commercial rec centers and gyms alike.

Home gyms

Most of you that know me, or have read the content of my home page here at Dynamic Weight Training: I am personally all about weight training at home!

You don’t have to have an elaborate set up like I do, not even close. So let’s go into some of the things you will need to acquire. 

Effort builds better bodies, never Blame the equipment!

Things that you need or should have in your home gyms weight training  arsenal:

  • A set of adjustable dumbbells. If you can, make up one or two extra sets of dumbbells this would be ideal, as this simply gives you a greater weight training range.
  • A simple adjustable bench press; this doesn’t have to be elaborate, just adjustable with a simple racking system to support the bar for doing lifts such as bench presses. This can be as simple as a ‘Sears’s weight bench’ with plastic weights, it does not have to be fancy.
  • One or two barbells with collars and enough weight ranging from 100 to 200 pounds to start with is fine. These can be plastic or metal, it doesn’t matter.
  • Ultimately: but it is optional, you would want to have a squat or power rack to perform strength and power movements in as you become more conditioned.
  •  This has a great option of convenience and safety, this especially builds confidence when performing barbell squats, if you’re strength training by yourself.

Barbells and dumbbells

Put Some Effort Into Your Home Gyms Weight Training Dream, When You Design it!

As your conditioning level increases, you may wish or want to add a chinning and dip bar, to your home gym. You don’t necessarily have to use weight or resistance in the beginning, these could be body-weight-based exercises.

E.g. your chinning bar could be made out of 2x4 lumber, for your angle brackets that can be lagged or screwed to your wall, 12 to 15 inches down from the ceiling with a piece of 1 inch or 1 ¼” metal or steel pipe secured on top of the brackets to do your chinning on.

If you happen to live nearby a village, or city park that has a playground. In the quiet hours you will more than likely find things you can do there, such as chinning, pull-ups and presses on.

Your parallel dip bars could be made the same way; out of 2x4s or metal or plastic pipe, secured solid to your wall in order for you to perform dips. Cost is minimal, but the strength these exercises build is maximal.

If you happen to have a little more money and room that you want to commit to your home gyms weight training atmosphere; you may be able to find a great deal on a 5 to 10 station cable-based weight machine, this can be a great addition to home gym.


You can usually pick up a treadmill fairly cheap at garage sales; or in newspaper ads etc. Especially after everyone’s done their New Year’s resolutions and find they’re not using them anymore.

But if money is tight like it is for most of us, don’t be afraid to perform the oldest exercises in the world intense calisthenics or running on your local streets, roads or sidewalks are fine also.

The Achievement of Building Your Own Home Gym

Outdoor parallel bar dips

If you’re going to be training at home with another person, you can make part of the fun and enjoyment of training at home by setting goals and adding different pieces of equipment along the way.

As you progress: building your own home gym’s weight training facility can easily become a lot of the fun and excitement towards the collective effort of building your own home gym.

As you achieve each goal you set; you can use these achievement levels to reward yourself by saving some of your hard earned money from these achievements to add improvements towards your home-based gym as you reach each goal.

These rewards may sound silly; but believe me, they are encouraging and exciting as you reach them.This not only builds a better stronger body, but also builds confidence, as you become more disciplined at achieving each of your goals. See (weight lifting goals).

If you’re motivated you will not believe how fast you will build a decent home gym, especially if you purchase used pieces at garage sales, etc.                 

Getting The Most From Your Home-Based Gym


Try to be realistic with your fitness goals and financial budget as to what you can put towards training at home, as well as your effort and time.

As mentioned before, I wouldn't invest a lot in the beginning. First, make sure that having and building your home gym is something you're passionate about.

For exercises you can perform in your own home gym.

See (free weight training program).

If you find it's not. join the ranks of a commercial gym or rec-center, and that of course is understandable and a personal choice. The home gym's weight training article is to help make you aware of what you can build and how to build it. If you wish!

Ultimately, getting the most from your home gyms weight training atmosphere and equipment will have to be a very dynamic effort on your part.

Your effort of setting it up, being creative and finding ways to motivate yourself and train dynamically in it; will ultimately be what you receive from it. Good luck with building and designing. DWT

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