Weight Training And Breathing?

Weight training and breathing

Weight training and breathing this seems so natural to me, I don’t really think about this a lot. But there are a lot of questions asked on this subject, I feel it is worth covering.

If you can simply remember to breath out with effort, and inhale with the lowering of the weight e.g., if you were doing arm curls breath out when you curl the weight up through the concentric portion of the lift and breath in on lowering or the eccentric part of the exercise.

The reason it's important in this order is; it is difficult for the body’s ability to inhale on effort as this takes more concentrated effort on the pulmonary system, as the body is already struggling from the exertion of the lift that is in progress.

Breathing For Your Organs And Muscles

Weight training and breathing is naturally easier for the body to inhale on the lowering portion, or eccentric part of the lift as there is less force initiated in the negative part of the lift. The muscles need oxygen and lots of it during each lift.

Breathing in as you lower helps expel more used or expended oxygen from your lungs, the actual exertion from each rep also assists in this pulmonary effort.

This intern makes more room in your lungs as they prepare to inhale, assist and distribute the oxygen through the hemoglobin, this action ultimately does its job by, Getting the oxygen to where it is needed”!

The biggest thing about the breathing question in weight training is: make sure you breathe, don't hold your breath, this can have a negative effect on some of your organs.

This increased presser from not expelling your breath in your thoracic cavity “which is the space that your lungs are in”, can sustain damage. For any of you that have heart conditions and have been training with your doctor’s consent...

Try to make a conscious effort of knowing and understanding how important your ability to breath and oxygenate your muscles, organs, brain and nervous system during intense activity is important... weight training and breathing is also important in your ability to grow and enjoy this activity as a lifestyle.

Weight Training And Breathing Properly, Can This Help Your Lungs Capacity?

It is paramount that you breathe during all forms of weight training, and never hold your breath, as this can put an unnecessary strain on the heart if you don’t.

Breathing and expelling properly with each repetition will do other things such as: Building your heart and lungs capacity to become much more efficient over time.

With this comes a far better ability for you and your lungs to deliver more oxygen and nutrients through the blood and will intern get it to where it will be needed the most.

There is a good question here, because this raises others. Your body needs lots of oxygen when it is involved in physical activity the more demanding the activity, so will be the demand for oxygen.

This is why as we reach physical exhaustion in each exercise; because the body can’t produce or generate enough oxygen or transport it to where it is needed fast enough, 'hence' the rest we have to take... to replenish our oxygen stores.

Weight training and breathing correctly, strengthens the efficiency of your heart, lungs even vein and vessel wall size will increase to accommodate for this new work-load, proper breathing also strengthens overall muscle response and endurance capacity.

Just be sure to always breathe as mentioned, I wish you the best with all your training days ahead and I hope you enjoy each and every one with every breath you take; good luck. DWT

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