What Is Dynamic, Are You Dynamic?

What is dynamic? As it relates to people or a person can have different meanings depending on what context there expressed in, as the word "dynamic" is both a noun and a verb.

To be dynamic is the opposite of static, dynamic is highly energetic, it can also mean using your own mental willpower to motivate and overcome obstacles and achieve any and all goals you set for yourself. 

What is dynamic, and its meaning to people is: someone who is generally not afraid, especially of rejection or having the odds stacked against him. Dynamic is the universe,  and its energy that is ever changing, moving, and flows through us all.

What is Dynamic, and What Does it Mean to be Dynamic, as a Person?

Who is a dynamic person?  A dynamic person is one who is charismatic and charming. This person gels and connects with everyone. This person is liked and admired by many. A dynamic person is one, who makes a difference in the world; who does something that changes things or people. Many that are dynamic, are often fit mentally and physically and have a stronger stomach for adversity.

Are you dynamic? Do you want to be a dynamic? Each time you complete or conquer something no matter how small it may be, you are dynamic, and the world is different because you live in it. If you are only pretending to do things or talking about them, or building up appearances, you are not dynamic; setting goals and seeing them through changes our world causing small differences these small achievements from your effort create change. That is a dynamic person.

Often people think being Dynamic means; being somewhat aggressive, noisy or even bombastic, Others think it means drawing attention to themselves in a somewhat less blatant but equally effective way, in reality nothing could be farther from the truth.

Given below are some traits of what is dynamic or a dynamic person is:

The first trait is: prepare to engage; have you ever admired someone who really engages with others? Have you ever yearned to move and inspire people? The way to engage with anyone is to communicate with them keeping the interest and conversation on others.

Speak with measured tone and clarity even before a meeting or a party starts, prepare and be ready to engage with people whom you want to meet.

A second important trait is: the manners and etiquette's he/she expresses appropriately, as per the occasion, time, situation and place. It is only a natural instinct of people to care less about others. It’s alright not to feel comfortable in all situations but do not keep quiet all the time - or else you may give an impression that you know nothing or you are just not interested in the people around you.

The third trait is: (dressing and grooming) appropriately for the occasion. How do you dress for the occasion? Be mindful of what kind of body spray or perfume do you use, Always emit a good odor when you are in public. Be conscious of the society your moving in.

Communicating effectively is the fourth important trait of a dynamic person, we are in the age of e-technology. Follow phone and email etiquette's, don’t ‘shout’, either on phone or in emails. Do not write the text in capital letters. When in meetings do not take any calls, keep your phone on silent mode and let the caller leave you a message. The essence of good communication lies in you.

Being dynamic should also represent the presence of good manners by honoring others. Good manners are immediately noticed by most in today’s times, simply because: many people have forgotten or have never been taught good manners. How you weave the dynamics of good conversation and how you communicate always leaves a strong impression on others...

Good or Bad this is up to each individual.

Last but not the least: a dynamic person does not ever think about being rejected. Try to connect with and accept rejection in a positive spirit. You can communicate with confidence only when you get along with rejection. Not to be afraid of rejection is not to think about it. Being dynamic is to never whine about rejection!

Dynamic people have changed the lives and destinies of millions of people, and their work is known to many, but there are also men and women up and down the country whose works are not well known or known at all, and yet on their own scale they are dynamic, because they have actually changed the world in their own small way.

I would like to express gratitude and a deep thanks to Dr. Sethi and his blog for this inspiring piece on being a dynamic person.

What is dynamic in summary:

All positive things in life, often start with a small spark, what causes the spark to ignite is your ability to be inspired by change. Accepting and learning from change is how we truly learn to grow.

Every time you challenge yourself towards a goal, no matter how small and accomplish it, this solidifies this new change, and a new confidence will begin to grow deep from within. Setting the bar a little higher each week or month and challenging yourself to do better only makes this dynamic effort in you grow more.

What is dynamic? Being a dynamic person or living a dynamic lifestyle is as much spiritual as it is mental and physical… It's a discipline. Like any discipline honouring yourself and others is not always an easy road, even somewhat lonely… But then again: what does discipline or honour have to do with Easy!                                                      DWT


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