Strength Training At Home

Strength training at home has it's benefits and conveniences; there can be a few limits or restrictions to training at home as opposed to a commercial facility, where a big commercial facility has it's conveniences, variety and atmosphere. But...

Training at home in your shop or garage also has an abundance of time-based convenience. The reason that so many fail and don’t go on to see the hopes and dreams of their goals realized is...

lack of motivation and unrealistic training routines or not enough equipment to challenge and stimulate oneself towards continued strength and growth gains.

Determining  Reasons For Strength Training At Home

Whether you’re new to strength training or somewhat advanced, having a clear goal and routine that suits your fitness level is crucial, especially if you’re at a beginner level.

Time and money can be contributing factors for wanting to strength train at home as these are financially harsh times for most of us, and does have to be considered.

The fact is, whatever your reasons are for wanting to strength train at home or anywhere for that matter, life's easier when you’re strong.

Strength training at home exercises, follow the link below: 

                              Free weight training program


Advantages of strength training at home:

o   Saving money on monthly gym fees

o   Convenience

o   No travel time or expense of it.

o   No lineups or waiting for people to slow you down, when you’re training.

o   You can go at your own pace

o  Make your post work out meal or shake right after your work-out at home

Training At Home, Does Consistency Beat Intensity?

Strength training at home

Strength training at home has its conveniences, but also poses some obstacles in the world of strength training, there are no free rides or shortcuts, strenght trainng is like it sounds, it's hard work.

Consistency doesn't 100% trump intensity, their close cousins and each is a discipline to any strength routine; it’s difficult to see continued growth in strength without having the consistency to work out at home. But...

On the other side of the coin; if you’re not progressive (meaning: increasing resistance over time), results may not be what you hope or expect to see. (Strength training vs bodybuilding).

It takes time, patience, effort even courage to make these improvements. Treat strength training at home like anything else: take it a day at a time!

The Secret

One of the most important motivational secrets to success if your strength training at home is:

90% of success comes from the effort of visualizing and creating a mental image of looking and feeling stronger!

This is the act of dreaming, this imaginary effort allows you to visually see that all things are possible, especially when we can see them in our own mind. often many don't understand and even underestimate that dreaming is no different than strength training.

The amount of effort you put into your dream determines whether you make that dream your reality. Simply put: your dream of building a better body through strength training at home is...

the imaginary road that you travel towards your goal, without a goal; even a small one, the chances of your success decrease significantly!

Find what inspires you and build your goal from that, add conviction to it by writing it down, read it to yourself at least once or twice a day. This connects your vision and dream to the mental picture of your goal.

The Truth About Strength Training at Home

Training intensity and consistently should be challenged to see results!

Strength training at home has obstacles, phones ring, household chores need to be tended to, family and friends may interrupt; so... guard your 30 minute to one hour workout jealously if you feel the need.

It helps to be naturally self-motivated, If not, results may reflect this.

Over the years I've had many friends and acquaintances that started their own home-based gyms but...

lack of motivation turned most equipment into closet organizers or places to hang their clothes or children’s toys on.

On the other hand, if you are serious about training at home it does have many convenient and self-fulfilling rewards to it.

Barbell press

How To Set Up Your Home-Based Gym

Most don’t realize the importance of having first: a designated area specifically for strength training at home. Whether this is a room upstairs, in the basement, shop or garage, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you set it up in a way that motivates, stimulates and has a safe training environment for you.

Next: It's important for this area or room to have atmosphere, it should be painted a color that is inspirational, or that naturally agrees with your motivational thought template.

You may also want to have some inspirational photos, posters, paintings, whatever it is that encourages and motivates, when you’re in that room.

Also, have a well lit room on a dimmer switch in the room, so you can control the lighting in it.

Many don't always understand the importance of lighting and the shadows it reflects or casts, lighting plays a big part in the relation it how it makes us look and feel.

Add a decent mirror to your gym room, it doesn’t have to be huge or anything just enough to clearly see yourself in, something 2’ x 3’ to start with. Something like this can easily be found in neighbourhood garage sales etc.

The mirror should replace the weigh-scale that you may have used in the past. You now use the mirror and adjust lighting accordingly, to help you assess changes in physique, and keep training form in check.

Take the time to add a good list of uplifting and motivational music that stimulates and reflects what you want to achieve.

If you live in an apartment, townhouse or condo or too close to others to have your music loud enough to enjoy and motivate you, use your iPod or MP3 player.

Remember the place you pick for your own home gym, should include your creative and imaginative ideas, while being careful with your money. Make your gym become a place you want to spend time in.

The better and more efficient you make it: the more it will reflect the ultimate body, you will build in it!


Strength training at home is something I have been an advocate of for many years, building this page for you to enjoy and use, is something that I've wanted to do for sometime.

See (Home gyms weight training) for more ideas of building your own home dynamic weight training gym!

I have decided to break this page up into two - creating a second or sister page, to include the actual strength training exercises  with sequential illustrations for each exercise.

I hope you enjoy them for many years to come, as I have. Thank you for checking out strength training at home. Never give-up on your dream of building your better body 'This Year' no matter where you live or work-out!

How do you strength train in your home GYM?

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