Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplements Review

Top 10 bodybuilding supplements

Dynamic weight reviews the top 10 bodybuilding supplements. Before we enter into supplements and their importance, the supplement world, can often be shrouded in dark matter.

The supplement business is a multi-billion dollar business: profits to many of these large manufacturers as in any business, are paramount! You getting what you want out of your supplements for the dollar value that you layout is not always the goal of the big supplement companies, Try to keep this in mind as you make supplement choices or decisions.

The amount of quality time you spend in the gym is 75% of what you need. The rest can be found with clean eating habits, supplementary nutrition and vitamins. But…

Supplement companies and magazines that advertise for them confuse this issue with interesting labels and wild colours on their products to lure you in…

Buyers beware, you and myself both work hard for our money let’s be careful with it and find out what works and what you really need to gain that extra 25% from your workouts.

Know What You Want From Your Supplements

Regarding the top 10 bodybuilding supplements, there is no possible way I can take into account each individuals wants and needs in your weight training/bodybuilding goals and lifestyle.

Some want to bulk up, while others want to be lean and defined, other athletic goals maybe; to improve strength or endurance etc.

Important note: for first-time supplement users:

As a precaution (if you’re a newbie to weight training) only you know your history and medical condition It's always better to be safe; and a good idea to check with your health care provider or doctor to see what he or she has to say about a supplement you may be interested in using.

Also note: if you're new to bodybuilding, I would suggest waiting for the first 6 to 8 months and see how far your body takes you on its own, without the use of supplements. This establishes a true strength curve and muscle gains and at this time is really not necessary.

What you should expect from your top 10 bodybuilding supplements?

v Increased energy

v increased muscle growth

v Longer lasting endurance

v Reduced body fat levels

v Stronger muscle pumps

v Improved athletic performance

v Reduced muscle soreness

v Speed of muscular recovery

v Increased protein synthesis

v Increased muscle definition and strength

Supplement Reality Can Be Misleading

Supplement and meal replacement manufactures/corporations try to sway this thought process; supplement manufacturers often employ weak scientific or laboratory data to backup statements and claims of their product…

Statements and claims on what supplement products and ingredients can do are largely overshadowed by first: gaining your interest, second: getting your money.

Interest can be gained by outlandish claims of what their products can do e.g., this can include scientific or laboratory data that has not been fully proven.

When you see things on labels like (testosterone booster with drug like results), or 1000% strength gains, there is a giant difference between using performance-enhancing drugs and doping, and using supplements for a natural guy or gal.

Often case studies on performance supplements are performed on university students with blind or placebo tests that lean-towards manufactures bottom line, and within months or a few short years become debunked. "the poor student is the guinea pig".

Some tests are even performed on lab rats.

A rat is usually smaller than a human foot, covered in hair, with small beady eyes and a metabolism significantly different from that of humans.

Let common and good financial sense and a little research, guide you in your goal, because; the top 10 bodybuilding supplements reviewed is going to help you with choices and up-to-date information.

Where You Stand In Relation To Supplements

Nowhere in bodybuilding, will it be more imperatively beneficial to you than to learn about supplementary nutrition.

Learn and educate yourself as much as you can not only on product ingredients, but also their amounts, to know if you're hard-earned money is buying the supplement that’s best suited to your goal.

So how do you know if the supplements you’re buying work, or are any good?

The goal with the top 10 bodybuilding supplements is to give you options of the best brands with the best reviews - including the ones we use ourselves, not all products have been tried by the dynamic weight training staff, but...

Many of them have, the reviews are fair and honest and up-to-date as we can possibly make them.

Also keep in mind that everyone’s wants and needs regarding supplements is different, whether you’re an Ecto, Meso or Endomorph (body type), your training goal, plays a part in the types of supplements, you may want to use.

So What Are The Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplements, You Ask?

I have used some and reviewed all of these products, they all rate high, and are priced on container volume. These are the  top brands that are the most available. Please feel free to Click on any of the products.

Read reviews, find out more about that specific product or brand, you of course are not under any obligation to buy.

I also give a few different choices of each bodybuilding supplement, I include what to look for in product ingredients, how the body uses and processes each supplement including dosages and times of taking them.

#1 Creatine

Let’s start with Creatine; almost no other performance supplement has gone under the scrutiny of laboratory microscope than this supplement.

Creatine has been proven time and time again to work and work well, Creatine is not a drug; it’s produced in the body naturally; just not in large enough quantities for performance athletes.

Creatine helps to supply energy to cells in the body, primarily muscle. This synthesis is originally started in the kidneys and liver, then transported via the blood for muscle energy and performance.

Note: Meat eaters often naturally have higher Creatine levels than those of vegan’s.

How much Creatine is actually in the blood is little; and not what’s important. It’s how much gets transported from the blood into the muscle cells in the form of ATP, which provides energy and a strong source of hydration meaning water loading to the muscle, which in turn...

increases strength, muscle pump  and contraction performance.

Because Creatine production and the release of it, has a short time-line in relation to intense weight training, bodybuilders get better use from Creatine as it greatly assists in muscle strength and contraction training: its effects are felt less in endurance performance training.

Not all Creatine is created equal, the most well-regarded and productive Creatine supplement is: (Creatine Monohydrate), which supposedly is 99% absorbed; reviews from most users, make this form of Creatine the most regarded.

#2 Protein

So... what is whey?

Whey protein is a derivative or leftover product from the cheese-making process and is deemed as a “complete protein”. Meaning: it has all nine essential amino acids.

The essential amino’s are strategic in completing the protein circle for our body’s muscle, bone production and immune system of health and well-being, as we cannot produce these on our own.

There is essentially 3 types of Whey.

1Whey protein concentrate: this is often the cheapest of the 3, and often has a lower amount of protein per 100 g. Despite this, it is still a high percentage around 80% per serving. Typically, the remaining 20% can be seen or made up from fat, lactose which can slow digestibility and protein transport speed.

2. Whey protein isolate: this on average carries a heftier percentage of complete proteins in the 95% range. Because of the refining and filtration process of isolate this makes this whey more digestible, (less gas). But as with all things… more refining to any product with better ingredients does tend to cost a little more.

3. Whey protein Hydrolysate: this is refined even more from that of whey isolate. From reputable manufacturers this should be a 99% absorbance rate as a digestible whey-protein-hydrolysate, and generally is more expensive. But with this protein; as great as it sounds, is tough to swallow as its bitterness leaves a bad taste in your mouth literally.

The best time to ingest whey:

As whey protein is easily digested for most, the best times to protein load with this supplement is 30 to 60 minutes after vigorous weight training.

Glycogen stores are at their most depleted anything loaded into the body at this time goes directly to these stores held in the muscle cells and is not stored as fat. But...

That’s not to say that you cannot use this as a supplement to your regular food, morning or midday, to help keep protein levels restored if you’re a heavy training, bodybuilder or weightlifter.

A good whey protein should also have ample amounts of (BCAA’s), these are 3 of the nine essential amino acids that are particularly responsible for muscle/bone repair and preservation. These are as follows:

1.The amino leucine: this little guy packs a hard punch leucine sends signals to your body to increase its storage of amino’s having this present in your protein should be a must.

2.Isoleucine amino acid: isoleucine, like valine is part of the BCAA  family, it serves as a precursor for glutamine and alanine to be used during intense weight training. This amino is used as fuel by muscle cells that spares other amino acids from being burned as fuel.

3. Valine 3rd in the branched-chain amino family: this is another essential amino; its stimulating effect is most often used for muscle metabolism and tissue repair. This little guy helps with the maintenance of keeping your body in a positive nitrogen balance and is used by the body as a strong energy source.

Protein is the key muscle maintaining and growth building component-nutrient in the body; protein makes up 15 to 20% of your body weight; the second most abundant substance in your body next to water. Protein is essential to life.

A lot of complete protein can also be ingested from foods like lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs etc. it’s tough to get all of your protein requirements from raw food alone, so a good whey protein can bring these levels up and keep you into a positive Nitro balance.    

#3  B complex

Why do I rank these so high in the top 10 bodybuilding supplements?

That’s a good question, if you’re not sure, it’s often difficult to get everything we need from just food unless you have a job where you work around good food all day. I look at vitamins and minerals as the fillers that get missed between different meals at different times of day.

B complex vitamins can't replace all your hard work in the gym, but they do help with energy and muscle repair during and after the workout. Most of the energy and production for muscle growth that we rely on, (even take for granted) comes in one way or another, in the form of a vitamin.

Vitamins can be divided into two broad categories, more or less: fat and water soluble. Fat-soluble vitamins(A, D, E and K) are usually stored in fat tissue. These do not have to be replenished on a daily basis. Taking fat soluble vitamins should be done carefully so as not to over detoxify-your-system.

Water-soluble vitamins (with the exception of vitamin C) are composed B complex vitamins. These are as follows:

  • Thiamine  (B1), is one of the vitamins greatly regarded in metabolism and bone, muscle growth production.
  • Riboflavin (B2) increases energy production in different areas such as: glucose metabolism (your energy stores), and stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids, meaning: adipose tissue as an energy source, in other words: 'burning fat'.
  • Niacin  (B3), this vitamin is involved in many metabolic processes, mostly related to energy production, providing training fuel for cell regeneration. 
  • Pantothenic acid (B5), this vitamin has interesting benefits ranging from converting food e.g. (carbohydrates) into fuel aka. (glucose), which is the bodies stores of energy for heavy bodybuilding workouts. (B6) is also reported to help aid in the bodies ability to metabolize fats and protein.
  • Pyrodoxine, (B6), helps in the use of "tired blood", or (anemia), also shows positive side effects for helping fight heart disease and high cholesterol and lessening blood-flow stress in clogged arteries.
  • Biotin (B7), this vitamin can commonly be found in egg yolks, liver, yeast, etc. it is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and utilization of glucose, (energy stores).
  • Folate  (B9), more commonly known as folic acid, this is essential for human growth and development, also encourages nerve and proper brain function. (B9) also supports adrenal function, e.g.: calms and maintains a healthy nervous system and is necessary for many key metabolic processes. 
  • Cobalamin (B12), deficiencies in this vitamin can be common with the symptoms of extreme fatigue, e.g. (bodybuilding). this vitamin aids in production elements of DNA, red blood cells, bone marrow, lining of gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. (B12) is also reported to show positive effects to the nervous system and spinal cord. 

"If Bodybuilders could take one natural supplement and no other, B100 complex should be the one most used by all bodybuilders, their ability to help in the everyday functions of the body's metabolism, nervous system, bone, muscle, tissue and cellular repair is unprecedented"! Quote: Joe Wieder himself.

#4   Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

(BCAAs) are simply three of the 20 amino acids in the body, these three are referred to as Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine; but… more importantly is: what each of these is responsible for?

BCAA’s are arranged in a branched chain so to speak; not only help assist in muscle recovery from workouts, but... help to transport nutrition and energy to muscle cells where it’s needed.

These three little guys are the workhorses and key amino acids that stimulate protein synthesis and assist in protein absorption. In other words: they play a huge part in refueling and muscle development.

Studies also show that BCAA’s can also reduce muscle soreness, accelerate and improve workout recovery. Dosage: should be manufacturer’s recommended daily, and is usually based on Gram versus body weight in pounds or kilograms.

The best time to load with BCAA's, is 30 -40 mins before weight training/bodybuilding.

#5 Weight gain mass builders             


Weight gain and mass builder supplements do have their place in the top 10 bodybuilding supplements, but…

A good weight gain mass building formula is designed to increase your total daily calorie count. It is not always easy or convenient, or even efficient to consume enough total daily calories from food in your diet to increase overall mass.

This is where a good weight gain formula comes into the picture to bring up that calorie deficit.

Keep in mind as a bodybuilder; consider your body type and what you want from your weight/mass formula. Mass formulas are higher in calories and might want to be considered more for ectomorph’s and some meso’s.

Weight gain formulas on their own can carry calorie densities from 300 to 3000 cal per serving, this is a wide variation, the products I’m showing on the top 10 bodybuilding supplements relating to weight gain formulas (I personally feel)...

should be a 600 to 800 cal per serving range “provided product quality”. Why this range and not more?

With this review take into account you want quality calories, with a higher dose of protein (40-50 g) and complex carbs, etc., not empty calories that get used in many products.

These are called (fillers); these come in the forms of fats, sugars etc. to increase calorie output per serving…

These succeed in doing mostly one-thing; gaining and storing a lot of fat that you’ll just have to bust-your-ass later on to lose. A good weight gain formula for those struggling to gain mass and get the best bang for your buck, are the ones listed above.

#6 Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid also used in protein synthesis and does support production of muscle along with regulating the immune system and can be an alternative fuel source for the brain and digestive system.

Glutamine is commonly found and absorbed in higher protein foods such as: beef, chicken, milk, beans, fish, eggs, etc. most of the time if your diet consists of higher protein ingested from these types of foods, you may not need the extra glutamine punch...

if your not, glutamine could be considered in your top 10 bodybuilding supplements list.

If your body is not getting enough protein or glutamine, especially; if you’re a hard-working athlete, can help with the effects of overtraining. Glutamine is the most abundant amino in the body up to 60% of this free-form amino, resides in the muscle…

So, this simply means: if glutamine levels are depleted, endurance and muscle recovery will suffer. If you’re not getting enough glutamine from the food you’re eating 25 to 30 g per meal, per day… You could consider glutamine to help aid with this.

#7 Fat burners/thermogenic

If you find you’re coming off of an intense mass or bulk-building cycle, sometimes the hard-won muscular efforts are shrouded in some fatty tissue. Choosing to diet to strictly may cause worry of losing hard-won muscle: this is where supplemental fat burners could be considered.

Manufacturers have produced a myriad of fat burning supplements, some work some don't! these are 4 that rank very high, I personally have not used them, but… All the reviews that I have read, and people I talked to that have used these products rank these the highest.

Fat burners generally stimulate an increase your metabolic rate by burning more calories in the form of fat. A good fat burning supplement should help reduce body fat and increase definition while maintaining muscle mass.

The majority of supplementary fat burners have stimulants in them, to help speed metabolism. Fat burners should be used in conjunction with physical activity or exercise, eating calorie rich foods is of course a no-no, if you’re trying to lose some weight.

Keep in mind that burners have their place and should only be ingested during daytime hours because of the stimulating effects of these supplements, taking them after supper or before you go to bed can be counterproductive and affect sleep patterns.

Always read and respect manufactures suggested fat burner information, most fat burners can be found in powder, capsule or pill form, and generally require 2 to 3 doses throughout the day.

If taken longer than 2 to 3 months fat burners affect will begin to lose its potency, after prolonged use the body can become immune to the stimulus.

#8 Natural antioxidants

So what are antioxidants anyways?

Antioxidants Have their place in the top 10 bodybuilding supplements, these help prevent or block cell damage used by oxidants.

Hence the name (Antioxidants), oxidants are free radicals that are produced naturally by the body, but…. There also produced in the environment, our bodies ingest these in the form of cigarette smoke, air pollution, even alcohol etc.

Antioxidants fight, or block free radicals that exist in each of us, ultimately they fend off viruses and microbes that can lead to disease even deadly ones.

Some of the strongest natural antioxidants are found right in your own kitchen cupboards, green tea and/or coffee, so… which is better coffee or tea as an antioxidant:

Coffee actually has more antioxidants per cup than Tea, but should only be limited to 2 or 3 cups per day whereas green or black tea can actually be sipped on all day as caffeine levels are not nearly as high.

Ways of getting more antioxidants naturally are: blueberries, red peppers, kiwis and pumpkin. Other sources from fruits and vegetables can be found in apples, potatoes and grapes, eating these with the skin-on, reaps more antioxidant rewards.

   #9   Testosterone boosters                             

Where would we be in the top 10 bodybuilding supplements review without a good natural testosterone booster for you as a hard-working athlete? There's few that live up to their claims; Dynamic weight has picked and reviewed the top 4 boys on the bodybuilding block! But…

Using natural T-boosters need to be viewed realistically if you're just looking for a booster to increase strength in your sex drive, that is something different.

The relationship of T-boosters listed here are to simply; increase natural testosterone levels and support, strength and recovery of heavy or HIIT training.

These natural supplements are meant to be used by and for men that live vigorous and athletic lives, especially once you've entered your late 30s or early 40s. This is a supplement-keep that in mind, if you look after yourself... a good T-booster will look after you.

Let’s look a little harder at what you should be looking for in these body boosters and what they are.

Effective natural T-boosters should contain certain ingredients in the right amounts: cheap knockoff brands don’t always carry these ingredients, simply put: direct results in strength and size gains come from what you pay for, in your T-booster supplement.

These ingredients and their amounts should be in the neighborhood of:

Ø D – Aspartic acid 

Ø Zinc 

Ø Ginseng

Ø Boron 

Ø vitamin B6 (5 mg – 10 mg)

First of all if you don’t know, there are many kinds of testosterone boosters out there on the market, but…

A good t-booster is just that; it’s a natural supplement with ingredients that stimulate natural testosterone levels. 

Increasing or stimulating natural testosterone levels should show results as:

Ø Increase and strengthens your natural testosterone levels

Ø Noticeable increase in lean muscle and strength gains

Ø Decrease in body fat levels

Ø Experience noticeably higher levels of energy and stamina

Ø Boosts and strengthens immune system

Ø Stronger increase in sex drive and libido stimulation

Ø Increased levels of protein synthesis (increase in muscle size and recovery)

If you’re trying to break through a plateau or increasing overall size/strength gains, over the course of 2 to 3 months in your workouts, then something like these supplements definitely should be considered.

# 10 Pre-workout supplements

The poor man's pre-workout image is simply; what I use personally before I weight train. I usually have 1 to 11/2 cups of weak coffee with 5 or 6 mg (one rounded teaspoon) of Creatine and two or three Branched-chain amino caplets.

Pre-workout mixtures and dosages if you're unsure, as the name implies, are taken 15 to 30 minutes before your workout. This is usually sufficient time for the ingredients to begin to react in your system before the workout.

Getting what you want from these supplements is very important as some of these products can come down to something resembling an (elixir or witch’s brew), of guesswork.

Only meaning: this has become one of the fastest growing supplements on the market, and some less reputable manufacturing companies capitalize on this,

Side effects can be felt differently in each person in different ways; these sensations can range from tingling, itching, burning, prickling even numbness sensations felt on the skin. Most of these sensations come from the ingredient beta-alanine (and some athletes do like the sensation).

Pre-workout energy levels can come from ingredients such as: caffeine, tea extract, Guarana etc.; Creatine, is often an ingredient to help increase pump sensation.

  Concluding: the top 10 bodybuilding supplements

Keeping your bodybuilding/weight training lifestyle simple has a lot on the plus side of life.

Simplicity makes life much easier and more enjoyable. Natural supplements are found in everything. They are found in fruits and vegetables in meat, fish and poultry, including the water and air that we drink and breathe.

Many of the ingredients found In most of the top 10 bodybuilding supplements, if you read the labels closely are found in the foods that we eat.

Supplements are just that: meant to supplement the foods that we eat! In some cases some foods don’t carry enough of the nutrients we need for hard-working athletes, like you.

All I’m saying is: whatever your goal is, don’t try to use all the supplements here, instead; use the ones that you feel will best suit your goal. As you reach your new goal, perhaps you may want to change or alter your supplement intake towards a new goal you set out for yourself.

Some of us tend to lose sight when we enter the almost blinding intrigue of the supplement world. The truth is; you have to get to the gym and you have to put in a solid effort, if you want to grow.

If you lose sight of this and depend on supplements instead: you probably won’t see the results you’re after…

What supplements really do is: they help enhance your efforts by exponentially adding nutrition/energy to your goal related efforts. This effort is only in relation to the intensity of your activity, which can add up to 20 to 30% towards your training goal...

In my opinion, that’s too big a difference to leave on the bodybuilding table without them.    

The top 10 bodybuilding supplements shown here are the opinions of dynamic weight

I hope the supplement review has helped shed some light on the subject for you. Guard your wallet like your time in the gym, on the supplement issue… Intelligently!


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