Weight Training Diet Tips For Women

Weight training diet tips

I can deeply sympathize with weight training diet tips for women. There are so many personal contributing factors, myths and ideas centered on diet tips and their facts, coming in and out of vogue from year-to-year; of not only what foods to eat and how to exercise. Not to mention the different amounts of protein and carbohydrate you should be ingesting?

This can leave most feeling a little dizzy even overwhelmed. Most women don’t want to become a mathathlete in all this confusion, this should be about incorporating a better diet and a healthier athletic outlook.  incorporating basic dieting strategies, keep it simple to make this a more manageable lifestyle. 

Where are the diet and athletic secrets hidden in the forest created by weight training diet tip gurus? You can search on Google or in women’s shape magazines etc., and…

You will indeed find lots of tips and articles. But if you don’t incorporate them into your life, you will see little in the way of accomplishment in the Mirror.

So why do so many women fail in developing good weight training diet tip strategies? I will go into these in some detail to help you understand how simple they are, but a lot of sticking to diet tips and meal planning is very psychological So...

let’s see what it’s all about.

The Secrets of Weight Training Diet Tips, Where Are They?

  • I’ll tell you where they are, are you listening closely… There hidden in plain sight!
Female folding barbell

They reside in easy places to find not the inside but rather the outside aisles of your grocery store; in your produce aisle, in simple cuts of lean meats, fish, poultry, etc.

  • The biggest secret to successful weight training diet tips for women is…

You have to think in terms incorporating this into a lifestyle. Not something that is practiced one or two days a week, or is picked up and used periodically and put away like a winter jacket. As mentioned, this is simply: (a lifestyle), your success with this will depend solely on whether you view it in this way.

  • Something else that lurks in the diet and fitness forest of confusion for women is:

Research has proven a lot of women fail at this juncture in the diet equation, as many of us are carb lovers...

carbs are essential: there the preferred fuel source for the body and brain to function properly. 

Don't fret, some of this is just simple preparation, prepare to work with and educate yourself on the types and amounts of carbs you should ingest, which I will go into in further in this article.

  • As a woman: learn to become more in tune with your body and its eating habits; you do it naturally each day already.
Internal hunger scale

Just become consciously aware of: it each time the type of food you ingest, including the amounts and times that you eat throughout your day, including your activity level, all makes a huge difference on your success scale...

  • Know the type of person you are?

If you enjoy cooking? Make healthier choices with mainstay meal choices which I will go into. Cook with healthier cooking oils; try to avoid salt and fatty additives to your foods. Instead, use mild flavored spices designed for the foods you eat. If you don’t enjoy cooking, but enjoy eating well…

Think about preparing or cooking healthier choices ahead of time by freezing them or leaving the food in the fridge to eat later then simply adding a salad with low-fat dressing etc., after along-work-day, this makes life more manageable.

  • Journal your weight training diet tips and strategies.

Many don’t realize the importance of writing things down to help solidify the goal into the subconscious. This has very long-term effects and is one very important issue that gets missed in weight training diet tips…. buy an inexpensive journaling book, if you don’t want to write in it each day, then write a little each week, this easily gets missed in the forest of confusion, but adds to your eating success. There are also different phone apps online, programs such as my fitness pal, etc. to help you with this.

  • Know where the patches of thorns and cliffs are in the dieting tips forest.

Most of us enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as alcohol and what you mix with it, generally these have higher concentrations of sugar, including wine. Try if you can to eliminate as much of it as you can, or cut back to one or two of your favorite beverages per week.

Part of your weight training diet tips and the success of them can be greatly added to by… eliminating desserts, fried foods, sugar, sweets, pastry, soft drinks and other sweetened beverages. (I'm sure you've herd it all before).

weight training diet tips
  • Where the darkest shadow lies in the endless forest of weight training diet tips and its confusion is…

When you have found your way to the edge of this forest, the cliff that you look down over makes your stomach turn with fear; is very real…

I’m not trying to lose you here; I’m trying to show you where the real predator lies in diet tips and meal planning success...

This cliff that you’re looking over is: (the cliff of addiction, from sweet or fattening foods). try to imagine walking over a large tree that joins the ravine on the other side you're looking into. Essentially, you need to get to the other side safely…

It takes a lot of discipline to stay motivated enough to stick to your dietary goals; the tree across the ravine is only an analogy of the self-discipline and courage it takes to stay on track. if you’re laughing here, I’m glad you are.

So what’s stopping you? I will tell you what it is...

This tree that you walk over is the toughest challenge in the forest of dietary-confusion.

Take the time to slowly detoxify all of the addictions you may have to sweets, pastry, gravy, ketchup, sweet sauces, fattening salad dressings, including alcohol, soft drinks , fried foods, e.g., French fries, chicken Nuggets, etc.

I realize: this rolls off the tongue easy and is easy to type. I also understand that saying and doing are two completely different things. But… This article from...

is here to support all of your weight training diet tips and better meal planning efforts. As I too have suffered from some of these addictions myself, listed above.

Just be aware of where some of the dangers exist in the forest of diet tips, information.

Nutrition and Eating, Does This Differ From Men to Women?

Nutrition and eating

For the most part, women don’t need as many calories as men, for obvious reasons. They just don’t carry the same amount of muscle mass. Men and women’s metabolisms do have similarities, but women do tend to burn a greater ratio of fat to carbs than men.

Manipulating your diet and nutritional process of what you’re eating when you’re eating and in the amounts you’re eating is just as Paramount as weight training itself.

Most food guides make a recommendation to be healthy and stay in a daily positive nitrogen balance, this as follows:

Protein:                  intake per day - 25%

Carbohydrates:     intake per day-55 to 60%

Essential fats:      ‘or essential fatty acids’, intake per day 10 to 15%

Now these figures are not written in stone but act more as a guide for you to give you a better understanding of what you should be getting or expecting from your food

Protein in Womens Weight Training

Overhead presses

Your muscles, not unlike a man’s; needs protein. Some protein in food comes incomplete, so getting protein from different sources and varieties helps keep a good nitrogen balance. Protein is essentially the building blocks of your bodies chemistry.

Protein produces the growth and repair of your muscles after each of your workouts. This is why it’s important to introduce approximately 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per kilogram of lean body-weight, throughout each day, even on your day or days off.

Supplementing your protein intake, especially in the morning with a protein drink of 20 g of pure protein is great to get started.

Also having one right after your workout; gives a great benefit, as protein and carb uptake for your body are depleted, meaning: glycogen stores are at there most lowest at this time.

Carbs For Weight Training

Healthy complex carbs

Complex carbohydrates differ from that of simple carbs. Simple carbs come from refined foods, sugars, pastry and some dairy products, this produces short-lived energy-spikes and consequences.

Sticking to starchy fibrous complex carbohydrates as listed below are digested and processed better in your stomach. That said, complex carbohydrates provide a longer-lasting fuel source than that simple carb food sources unless...

they come from fresh fruit such as apples grapes plums etc.

As a weight lifter, you should be looking for your energy sources from: complex carbs

Good solid healthy food choices that yield lasting energy come from complex carb sources as listed below.

  • Yams and sweet potatoes and potatoes in general, not boiled but baked.
  • Beans and legumes.
  • Oatmeal.
  • Brown rice.
  • Quinoa.
  • Whole wheat breads and pasta. 
  • Muesli, shredded wheat, grape nuts, granola etc.
  • buckwheat, Rye, Millet, Whole grains, etc.

Good Fats and Bad Fats What are They, Where Do I Find Them and Should I Eat Them?

Healthy fats

Getting better at reading labels on the food you’re purchasing and understanding what they mean is going to go a long ways for you in this lifestyle. This is a must do, if you don’t.

Learning and understanding what processes and ingredients are in your food is going to decide what you put into your body. And this inevitably decides what sticks on the hips and what doesn’t.

Regarding essential and nonessential fats, most of what’s found in food naturally can be deemed as healthy or essential.

Any foods that are processed that contain saturated or Trans fats should be avoided altogether. So the next thing you need to know is how do I get the healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats everyone keeps talking about? for more on Macro nutrients see, (weight training fat loss).

The healthy fats, or better known as mono unsaturated and Polly saturated fats are generally found in vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and fish etc.

If you’re going to cook with non-stick or flavored agents most of you probably already know olive oil is one of the better ones to use. For baking you can also try canola or vegetable oil.

Food sources that provide essential fats


Foods that produce good and healthy choices of fats that our bodies need come from sources as listed below.

  • From peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc. preferably unsalted.
  • Olives. (rinse before eating if they have excess salt in can).
  • Avocados.
  • Flax seed and sunflower seeds (unsalted).

Just remember when you do get fats from these sources. Enjoy them in moderation as this should only take up 10 to 15% of your daily intake of calories/nutrition from food sources.

healthy recipes

In summary:

Incorporating weight training diet tips and strategies into your life, of course; is not an easy road or a luxurious path toward athletic or fitness success.

Diet tips, meal planning and better eating strategies; is life altering and lifestyle changing. So many women of all ages can miss this important fact. Life has ups and downs, sometimes it's full of stress and other times, lots of laughter.

Through these financially challenging times of confusion, stress, boredom even anxiety; it is easy to second-guess oneself. Having a cheat day here and there when these days Hit hard, is a great way to maintain your mental health and success, with good – safe dietary planning.

Changing your eating habits is one thing, sticking to them is something else altogether. This is very and I mean very psychological. Start slowly and work into it, unless you're already very seasoned takes more mental and psychological strength than most would admit.

The information on this page I promise you does work, but I cannot promise you that it will work for you. That question, you will have to ask yourself? I can only at this point share with you the obvious; it doesn't matter what diet-tip or strategy you pick or use, you actually have to physically use it.

If you use the information here you will have success. I'm giving you the information for free . All you need to do is supply the sweat and determination: don't be afraid to set your goals and go for them. And let your desire and the passion of what you want take you there. DWT

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